How To Browse On BlackBerry With Globacom ( N400/day available)

Update: Check out the new Glo Mobile Blackberry Internet plans here.

If you have a Blackberry device and you wish to browse the Internet with it, then you will have to subscribe for the BlackBerry Internet service via an Internet service provider (ISP). All the ISP has their own different Blackberry Internet plans. Today, I am sharing with you, how you can get connected to the Internet via Globacom Blackbery Internet Service.

As at the time of composing this, Globacom Nigeria offers 3 basic plans for Prepaid BlackBerry users to be able to get connected to the Internet. The 3 plans are highlighted below:

1. Bisday:           keyword= bisday , Access fee= N400 , Validity = 24 hrs , Data Bundle= 10MB
2. BisWeek:      keyword= bisweek , Access fee= N1500 , Validity = 7 days , Data Bundle= 100MB
3. BisMonth:     keyword= bismonth , Access fee= N4800 , Validity = 30 days , Data Bundle= 1GB

Take note of the keywords above. You will need them when subscribing. As at today, it is only Globacom that offers the daily plan.

So, How Do I Activate Globacom Internet Service On My Blackberry?

To browse on your BB with Globacom, make sure Glo has at least EDGE coverage in your location.

To get started, insert your Glo SIM into your BlackBerry device and switch it on. Load the SIM with the amount of airtime you think will be enough for the plan you want to use.  You might not see the EDGE icon, you might only be seeing GSM, DON’T WORRY… keep reading

After loading the airtime, go to MESSAGES  to Compose a new message. Then text the keyword for the plan you want to 777. After sending the text, then you will receive a confirmatory message from Globacom.

After you might have received your confirmatory message, SWITCH OFF your BB, REMOVE THE BATTERY and RE-INSERT THE BATTERY. Then, SWITCH ON your BB. After switching it on,  then you should now see the EDGE written in capital letters. Once you notice this, then you are good to go.

That’s all.


Globacom Blackberry Customer Care hotline is 333 
To check your data balance/ usage, text STATUS to 777
To cancel subscription, just wait for the current bundle to elapse and you will not be automatically resubscribed to.
To resubscribe, just resend the keyword or choose a new keyword for the desired package and text it to 777 

The 3 plans are above are solely for Blackberry devices but if your phone supports Blackberry services, you can subscribe to the plans too. If you send the activation code and Glo detects that your device does not support Blackberry services, then your money will be refunded.

If you swap your SIM into a non compatible device and later put in back on the original BB device, the service will continue to run as long as the subscription is valid. 

I hope this helps…

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  1. Wow!… You are really the man .. You are too gbaski bro. I am going to give this a try. Will start with the Bisday plan and feel how it is here in Abuja.. Thx bro

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