How To Create and Add Responsive Adsense Ad Unit to Blogger Blogs

Responsive web design is the trend these days as more and more people are browsing the internet through their smartphones and tablets. If your Blogger blog is responsive, you can consider adding responsive ad units to the blog to maximize your Adsense earnings.

Adsense responsive ad code automatically serves different ad sizes based on the space available and also has support for ad size changes after a screen orientation change  (e.g., when a tablet or phone goes from portrait to landscape).

By using a responsive ad unit, you can control the size of the ads on
your page, in line with how you control the layout of the rest of your
page across devices. 

If your blog design is responsive, all you need to do is to generate responsive ad code and add it to your blog’s html.

How To Generate Code for Responsive Adsense Ad Unit  

==> Log in to
==> Click the My ads tab and click +New ad unit
==> Select Text&Display ads
==> Provide a unique name that will help you find this ad unit later
==> Select “Responsive ad unit (BETA)” from the Ad size drop-down

responsive adsense ad unit

==> Click Save and get code.
==> Place the ad code on your site.

How To Place Adsense Code On Blogger Blog

==> Log in to
==> Go to “Layout
==> Click on “Add a gadget
==> Select “HTML/Javascript” from the options
==> Paste the ad code in it and Save.

That’s all.

Once you’ve placed your ad code,I recommend that you test your ads on different devices and screens to make sure that the responsive behavior is working correctly. You can also use the free online Responsive Web Design Testing Tools for the test.

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