How To Deactivate 2go Chat Account

Yesterday, one of my blog readers emailed me, asking me how he can delete his 2go account. I asked him why he wants to do that and he narrated his ordeal to me. He said, he forgot the password of his main 2go account and decided to open a new one. Unfortunately, it was after he opened the new account he was able to stumble on how to get 2go password. He followed the tutorial and he was able to retrieve the password of his main 2go account. This means he now has two 2go accounts. Been the busy type, he said he can’t manage two 2go accounts, hence the need to delete/deactivate the new one. 

2go Microemulator

So, Can I Delete My 2go Account?

You cannot delete/deactivate it. Simple!

As at the time of publishing this, if you log in to your 2go account, there is no menu item you can select to deactivate your 2go account. Every 2go account is connected to the phone number used in registering the account.

If you are tired of using the 2go messenger, you can just delete the 2go messenger from your phone. If you have more than one account and feel like deleting some of them, all you need to do is to stop logging in to your 2go account with the log in details of the unwanted 2go accounts.

That’s all. 

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Every subscriber should have as a reserved option, the right to deactivate any social account they nolonger have need for. 2go should not shrewdly and subtlely compel subscribers to retain such accounts because if u even if choose to abandon the account all your details will still be available online thus a deactivation option is absolutely necessary like its done on fb n twitter.
    I write vehemently cos am bored wt my own account n i want it closed n my personal info expunged.

  2. I dnt like 2go network,, its kinda slow., anytime I try logging in my 2go acct z,it normally doesn't connect pls do something oo
    08028813824 dats my number
    pls do something 4 me

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