How To Generate DirectLinks For Specific Deals from Dealdey Affiliate Account

Before the launch of the new Dealdey affiliate program, generating affiliate link for specific deals pages on Dealdey was not possible. You only have one unique link to promote the site and the link only redirects to the homepage. This didn’t make sense to most dealdey affiliates.

Going forward, you can now generate direct link to any page on Dealdey, then promote it in your blog posts etc. You can get this done by making use of the Deeplink Generator, which can be accessed via the Dealdey affiliate account dashboard.

How To Use DeepLink Generator of Dealdey Affiliate Program

==> Log in to your Dealdey affiliate account.
==> Click on the “Programs” tab
==> Click on “Commission and ads
==> Scroll down to the “Deeplink Generator
==> Copy and paste the URL of any deal page into the “Target URL” field
==> Click “Generate deeplink

You can enter a subid eg “facebook” to evaluate a specific traffic source in the referal statistics.

For example, in the screenshot below, I used “facebook” as subid and “WiFi Router” as the “Link Text“.

deeplink generator

Below is the link generated:

<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Wi-Fi Router</a>

If you copy and paste the code above in the html mode of Blogger Post editor, it will generate a “Wi-Fi Router” link when you switch to the “Compose” mode of the Post editor.

If you want to share the link on Facebook, Twitter etc, you can just copy out the part of the code highlighted in yellow and share. Take note that the link is the “href” part of the code generated with the deeplink generator.

How Do I Get Code for Dealdey Banner Adverts for Affiliates?

==> Log in to your Dealdey affiliate account.
==> Click on the “Programs” tab
==> Click on “Commission and ads”
==> Scroll down and click on ” Show new ads and links“. You can also click on the “Gadgets”, “Fashion” links as seen in the screenshot below:

You can read how to create Dealdey affiliate account here.

I hope this helps.

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