How To Make Money On The Internet In Nigeria With FastEcash

Are you looking for an online business opportunity that will can increase your level of income? Then you have arrived at the right place. Today, I am sharing with you, how you can make money online in Nigeria, with FastEcash via methods which will make it possible for you to increase your income, though not for the lazy ones.

So, What’s the gist about FastEcash?
FasteCash is a payment solution system with the vision to make e-commerce a workable reality in the Nigerian community.

FastEcash is a payment solution provider that enables a Nigerian to easily carry out series of online transactions. Apart from making it easy for Nigerians to send money to each other just through emails, you can also purchase Visa card and US address with your Fastecash account. The visa card can be used to purchase things online. The US address can be used for affiliate programs and to ship online purchase to Nigeria via USA in case you buys things from online merchant that will not ship directly to Nigeria.

So,How Do I Make Money With FastEcash?
FastEcash have in place, a referral program in which you are paid for sending people to register on fastecash website. This is what we call affiliate marketing. So, once you start engaging in things like this, you have become an online affiliate marketer.

FastEcash offers three types of accounts for its users, which are Normal Account, Premium Account and Classic Account. When you sign up FREE OF CHARGE for a FastEcash account, you are automatically a Normal Account User. Opening FasteCash online account is free.

Every new and free account that is opened is tagged FasteCash Normal Account. You can upgrade to Premium or Classic Account. These Premium and Classic accounts give you more features for other online transaction benefits.

With a Normal account you can start making money with FastEcash, just by sending people to register on FastEcash, though you will only get paid when the invited person upgrades to Premium or classic account. You can invite someone (friends,relatives etc) to open a FasteCash account.

Once you register with FastEcash, in your Control panel, you will see a unique referral link which you can put on your website/blog. If anyone registers through the link and eventually upgrades his or her account, YOU WILL GET PAID.

If you do not have a blog or website, you can just be telling people, probably on facebook that they can register for fastecash through your link. I hope you know it will help you a lot if you can let people know what they stand to gain if they register for fastecash account.

FastEcash allows you to add your bank account to your profile, so that you can easily withdraw your earnings to your bank account from your FastEcash account. Nodding your head, saying this is cool…right? Just continue reading……..

Below is the breakdown of what the commission looks like depending on the nature of your own fastecash account.

Commission(in Naira) on
Account Type Premium Upgrade Classic Upgrade
Normal Account N500 N1000
Premium Account 1000 2000
Classic Account 1500 3000

The table simply means that if you are just a Normal Account user and a friend of yours that you referred, upgrades to a Premium account, you will be paid N500 right into your account and you get paid if he instead, upgrades to classic account…… I hope you can now understand the simply table above….
The picture below is a snapshot from my account.


You can see what your referral link will look like. More so, you can click on the TELL A FRIEND LINK to tell your friends about FastEcash. You can also see from the picture that I have referred 20 people as at the time of snapping that picture from my account. I hope you can just imagine how much money I will make base on the calculations from the table above.

Just anybody can take part in this referral program. This is an opportunity for you to add to your streams of income Once you set it up, just keep sharing the links with your friends, who know, some of your friend might register via the link and you get paid.

Register Now!
I hope this helps…

Friend, if you are really serious about making money online, GET YOURSELF A WEBSITE OR A FREE BLOG. Such a blog will come very handy in situations like this….START SOMETHING NOW!!!….I started with a free blog, and you can see my website’s list growing and still counting….

If you have any question to ask, have anything to say or just want to appreciate this piece of information, try and use the comment form below this article.

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Cheers !!!.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Thanks so much for this info. I will register asap. Its good to real affiliate programs like this which works for Nigerians. Please, do not hesitate to write more about others that you know.

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