Information Marketing: How Profitable?

This is a guest post compiled by Felix Silas. 

It has been said that the best kind of business to do is one that gives you much freedom and time to have fun while you make your money. Is that truly possible? Yes it is and that is why online business is the best way to go.

Talking of online businesses, you should know that there are actually many of them. Yes, any business you can do from the full comfort of your coffee table at home via the internet is referred to as online business. Well in this post, we are looking at one branch of online or internet business. Hey don’t get curious, I am talking about information marketing.

What is information marketing?

In a most basic definition, information marketing refers to any activity that involves the selling of information-based products which is intended to increase knowledge or awareness.

Have you ever bought an eBook before or a video/sound recording? If yes, then the person who sold that to you is an information marketer while what you bought is called an information product. Phew! You are cleared now. Good!

When thinking of joining the online money-making crew, the first way to look is information marketing (especially if you have no much capital to spill). I am not saying you should blind your eyes to other online businesses; just remember I am discussing just a branch.

Why Information Marketing?

Some of the reasons why you should consider information marketing as one of your darlings on the internet are as follows:

Low start up capital: Unlike other online business like Forex trading, information marketing requires just a little start up capital. In fact, you just need your head and a personal computer with relevant software installed.

If for instance you know a solution to a problem, you can document it as an eBook and sell (there are many free PDF software out there). You can as well record it as video using programs like Camtasia Studio and you will be on your way to fortune (if your work is useful).

Passive income: Information marketing allows much room for passive income. Yes you work once but keep earning always.

High profit: You barely find a business that pays you a 100% profit but information marketing does. You spend say 5$ to create each product and now you are selling these products $20 each. How much
profit is that?

You work from home: This is the juicy part of this whole thing called information marketing. All you do is sit behind that coffee table, identify problems, make your research, proffer solutions and go out for a dance while money chase you to the bank.

In case all these are sounding like tall tales that are too good to be true, just know you are reading facts though you must know that such things as great wealth don’t happen in five seconds.

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This post was written by Felix Silas. He is a top Nigerianblogger who is famous for his writing prowess. He writes on blogging and SEO, business, technology, etc. See one of his blogs at
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  1. Well written post that is quite inspiring. Though I like the fact that you can earn money on auto pilot from info marketing, but your post has just given me an understanding of this way of internet business.
    So, why not write again in the future to do a follow up on this post and share more secrets.
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