iTel 1516 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Last year, I shared specs and pictures of itel1516 Plus Android smartphone which was given to me by iTel Nigeria. The phone is still working perfectly till this moment and to be honest, it’s indeed a rugged android phone.

In this post, I want to quickly share with you some iTel phone tips and tricks which you should know. This includes : how to take screenshot on itel1516; how to open itel1516; how to insert memory cards and sims cards into itel 1516; how to configure mobile internet settings on itel 1516 etc

How To Screenshot On iTel 1516 Plus

If you want to take screenshot on iTel 1516 plus mobile phone, hold the lower volume button and the power button simultaneously. If successful, you will hear a sound and the screenshot will be saved in your phone gallery.

Alternatively, you can download screenshot apps from the google play store and use them to take screen shots on your iTel android phone.


How To Open iTel 1516 Plus

The iTel 1516 Android mobile phone has a non-removable metal back cover.

You can only remove the upper part which houses the memory card and sim cards slots.

So, if you want to open the upper part, all you need do, is to use that tiny hole above the camera as seen in the image above. Insert your finger and pull out the top cover.


How To Insert SIM In iTel 1516 Mobile Phone

Pull out the top cover as explained above and you will see the sim slots. Insert the sim cards as required.

The itel it1516 Plus supports dual SIM : one normal SIM card and micro SIM card.


How To Insert Memory Card In iTel 1516 Mobile Phone

Same process applies as described above.  The slot for the memory card is directly on top of the micro sim card slot.


iTel Mobile Internet Settings

If you want to use your iTel phone to browse the internet, you have to manually configure your iTel mobile phone with internet settings if your mobile network fail to automatically push the settings to the phone after inserting your data sim card into the phone.

I will update this post later, with mobile internet settings of MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile and how you can manually configure the settings on your iTel 1516 phone.


iTel 1516 Specs

Model: it1516Plus
Operating System: Android 5.1
CPU: Quad-core 1.2GHz

Dimension: 145.572.89.95mm
Display: 5″ IPS screen
Resolution: 480*854

Camera: Back 5.0MP AF/Front 2.0MP
Memory: 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM, Memory card up to 32GB
Colour: Silver/Champagne/Grey

Battery Capacity: 5000mAh

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