9 Ways To Make Money In Nigeria During Sallah Celebration

Sallah celebration (Ileya) is a very very big thing especially in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State where I come from. If you are at Ijebu for Sallah, you get to catch a lot of fun for at least three good days. This is simply because there is this “Ojude Oba” festival which holds on the third day of Eid el kabir (ileya) that attracts alot of  people to Ijebu, for Sallah celebration.

Ijebu Ode and villages nearby are always bubbling with people from all walks of life and from other parts of the country during sallah celebration. This opens up alot of opportunities which you can tap into to make quick cash for yourself whether you are a muslim or not.

So, in this post, I will be sharing with you, some things you can do to make money during Sallah celebration in Nigeria, especially at Ijebu Ode and nearby villages.

Let’s roll….

ways to make money in nigeria during sallah celebration

1. eTop Up or Recharge Card Business

You will make alot of money if you sell airtime at strategic places during sallah celebration. I can bet you will even run out of stock. People talk alot during sallah as that is when they will be greeting people up and down.

If you are in Ijebu, you will even get tired of “e kuu odun” calls and alot of your relatives will even be there waiting for you to place an “e kuu odun” call to them. You can just imagine the volume of airtime that peiple will burn on this…….

So, get enough recharge cards to sell and even load up your etop up line so you can vend when you don’t have physical cards to sell. You can also use your mobile banking apps or apps like PocketMoni to sell airtime too.

Mind you, it’s not compulsory you have a shop. Just place a table and chair at a strategic place plus a board with “Buy recharge cards here” written on it.

2. Mobile Money Services

Banks will likely be closed during sallah celebration and I can bet you that ATM’s will disappoint alot of people. There will even be massive crowds at the ATMs.

There are even a lot of Ijebu villages where you won’t even find a bank nor ATM. What this simply means, is that if you offer mobile money services especially at those unbanked areas, you will make some cool money during the Sallah celebration.

And mind you, transport fare will be so expensive during Sallah. So, alot of people won’t mind paying you if your service fee is not up to what it will cost them to go to a nearby town where they can use ATM.

No guarantee that the ATM will even dispense and most will not even want to go through the stress. Just imagine charging N200 per N2,000 withdrawal. So, be rest assured that this is a very good way to make money even after Sallah.

3. Video Games Business

Hmnn, those Lagos boys love playing video games when they come to the village to celebrate Sallah o. Years back, I made alot of money from this at my village.

I “cornered” the play Station my dad bought for us and placed it at a shop at my grandpa house which is at the center of the village. My dear, it was fun and it makes lot of sense.

So, if you have video games, this is the right time for you to make good money with it. Just make sure you have a standby gen.

4.  Viewing Center

When people come to Ijebu for Sallah, they always want to hang out to catch fun.

So, if you have a viewing center where they can relax to watch football, movies, wrestling etc, be rest assured that you will make cool money. If sallah falls on a weekend, I can bet your viewing center will not even be able to withstand the crowd that will bombard your centre, to watch Arsenal, Chelsea or whatever.

5. Accommodation

If you run an hotel business, this is a good time to ensure your hotel looks cool with a lot of happenings there. You should ensure you have a standby DJ ditching out correct jamz so alot of people can come around to catch fun and probably lodge there.  If you have a big house in the village with empty rooms, you can also cash on this…..

6. Parties/ Shows

If you can organize parties, you can make some cool money too.

Just make sure you place banners all around town to inform people about the show. You will make money from tickets, from drinks etc

7. Transport Business

If you have means to convey people from one place to another, you will also make lots of money. Even if you hike your fare, there will always be enough people that will be willing to pay you. You will even laugh it off by saying, it is sallah money you are collecting ooo….lol

8. Beauty/ Barbing Business

People want to look good during Sallah. So, if you are good at barbing, can make lovely hairstyles for ladies, do facials, fix nails etc, you will also make cool money.

9. Sales of Cloth, Shoes etc

No need explaining this. I can bet you already know what’s up. Smiles**

These are some of the few opportunities you can explore.

If you know other ways one can make money during sallah, please share via comments.

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