Make Money Online Schemes Nigerians Should Avoid

Are you a Nigerian willing to make money on the internet, but not really sure of what to do or which money making scheme to join or avoid? Then, this article is for you.

While I don’t claim to know all when it comes to making money online,I think I know a little when it comes to money making schemes that doesn’t work for Nigerians based on my personal experience and that of some people I have met. I know this post will raise some sort of arguments but I just want to bare my personal thoughts on this subject…no harm intended. Okay,let’s ride on.

It is quite obvious that many Nigerians are experiencing frustration today making money online because they do not have a model to guide them. Hence,they jump from one internet scheme to another.You may have even tried several of those “get rich quick” schemes and maybe tried to sell others products on your own website or blog, but my guess is, you have had limited success.

There are many websites or blogs that claim they can show you how to make thousands of dollars a day and retire in a month, but having tried several of those schemes myself, I have realized that a handful of them are complete craps and I would strongly recommend that you save yourself your time and money, as most of them are complete scams!

Have you seen these kinds of ads before?
• Earn $300,000 in 6 months!
• Earn up to $1000 a day just inputting Data into online forms
• Get paid to hundreds to Complete Surveys!
• Earn $200,000 in 12 months just reading emails!
• Spare a few hours a day to fill in a few envelopes and earn $500 a week!
• Great Work at Home opportunity – earn £200 a day.

We’d all love these ads to be true, but sadly most of these turn out to be bogus and not worth the paper they are written on. I’m sure there are legitimate companies out there that will offer you work if you want it, but unfortunately, I never found one and the ones that I did try, all turn out to be bogus and will happily take money off you under false pretences.

From my wealth of experience on internet, there are a couple of internet schemes that will not work for Nigerians. They include HYIP(High Yield Investment Programs), Paid Survey, Paid to read emails, Paid to surf program, Data entry and the likes.

Now, lets look at these stuffs one by one….

1. Earn $300,000 in 6 months!
Guess you are skeptical, right? Absolutely!

If you type in “Make Money” in Google, you will find a host of these companies promising you the world. In a number of cases they will baffle you with lots of jargon and tell you that you can create an automated income stream and that you can earn thousands a week.

Strangely enough though, you have to buy something off them first – guess what? In most cases it’s an ebook! I have looked at a few of these Get Rich Quick plans and in my experiences, whilst they do offer some good advice, they don’t really give you enough information to earn the millions that they claim, but they do generally point towards you buying more ebooks or spending more money on other pieces of software, which they have an affiliation with.

Don’t get me wrong, the content in many of these ebooks is pretty good and you can learn quite a bit, and another great thing is that they do tend to offer you money back guarantees, but don’t be fooled by their devilish claims – it’s highly unlikely that you will earn $300,000 in 6 months.

HYIP-High Yield Investment programs also fall in this category. They request you invest some money and then promise that you will be getting some yield weekly or monthly as the case may be.

Most of these programs initially try to makes sense initially but as time goes by,the website disappears from the internet and if you invested a lot of money,you are left to lick your wounds.The funniest part of these schemes is that most of them do not really put real traceable contact info on such websites, hence no way to trace them when they disappear into the thin air.

Can you still remember those companies that came to Nigeria some years back, asking Nigerians to invest some money and they will double the money they invest after some months ? You will agree with me that initially, their stuffs worked but before most investors could really know what was happening, they were no where to be found up till today. Those ones are just the offline types of such HYIP websites online these days. So, be wise.

2.Get Paid to complete Surveys.

I have also tried this one and to be honest, there is no scam involved, but the promises of earning $50/hr etc fall very short of the mark. I have completed around about 50 surveys, my emails are now bombarded by companies marketing their products and I have only ever received $10. If you have some spare time, why not, but $50 per hour – please!!!

More so,because of those spam mails I now receive all the time, I was forced to open another email address. So, how will you feel if this happens with an email address you would not like to let go? Bet, you will have to be dealing with deleting useless emails for some minutes before you even notice the real emails from your friends.

For Nigerians,it’s a pure waste of your precious time to involve yourself in surveys because most survey programs don’t accept Nigerians even if they claim to send payments by check. Even if you use a foreign address,most times,they end up tracing where you very well with their sophisticated scripts. Hence, they will give you silly excuses why they will not be able to process your payment once its time for them to send you your earnings.

Won’t this get you mad after burning loads of money and time probably at cyber cafes? Absolutely!

And for most Survey programs,you need paypal to collect your earnings and Nigerians are not allowed to use paypal and off you go to open and verify paypal account using virtual address and virtual credit cards but I honestly won’t advise you to open a paypal because I have heard too many paypal horror stories. 

Forget all those adverts about verifying your paypal account as a Nigerian. Most of those guys selling those infos are just doing it to recover some of the money they have lost to operating paypal account from Nigeria, though there are still some real guys that can get it done for you. 

One day,paypal will request for proof of your residence. Come to think of it,how do you prove an address in which you neither reside nor work? Which ID, International Passport or proof will you show that will have the virtual address you used on it ? God help you if you have a substantial sum of money in your account as it will become history from that point.If you just want to know the tricks been used to open and verify paypal in Nigeria, read HOW TO OPEN AND VERIFY PAYPAL IN NIGERIA and if you interested in some horror stories of paypal, visit


Those behind these scheme promise to pay you to read emails. The moment you sign up for one,they flood your email with so many mails that most times,you end up abandoning that particular email to open another one.

For me,it’s another time waster as some of them allegedly pay only after you have earned a huge sum of money reading mails. Why don’t you pay me if I earn $50 or less? Why must I make $100,000 to be paid. These are all elements of this business which I honestly don’t understand.

I know I will get paid at the end of the month if I make $100, running Adsense program right here in Nigeria.That is acceptable by me, not all those Paid-to-read-emails that would want you to make $100, 000 before you can be paid. Aint this crazy?

4.Data Entry

Their own promise is, fill some forms and we will pay you.Enter data for us and you will be paid. Most of them request you to pay to join.I know one of such sites that you pay to $50 to join and when you login as a member,you are requested to buy so-called “training materials” that will help you understand data entry business for $40.God help you if you are not able to pay for the training materials,your initial registration payment will go down the drain.

If you eventually pay for the training materials, you will receive them by email automatically and you will see that it will just be some simple ebooks showing you how to place free ads online which were exactly like the one you had responded to – this is the so-called “Data Entry”.

Anybody that responds to your ads, would pay you $50 for the same “training materials” that you had received and they would then be doing the same job as you. If you look at some Free Job sites, you will probably find hundreds of these on there – because the majority have fallen foul of this con and are just trying to get their money back from some other poor person.

My recommendation to 99% of Nigerians would be to give them all a miss!

The underlying theme for most of these sites is to help you part with your money. Remember, a lot of these websites are being advertised on the first page as sponsored ads, which means that they are paying to be on there. Common sense tells you that if they are paying to be found there – then they must be making money from visitors – i.e. YOU!
Formerly,e-gold was the currency of choice for most of these con schemes but they seem to be using liberty reserve now. This doesn’t in any way affect the legality of Liberty Reserve. I use Liberty Reserve and I strongly recommend you to open a free account today as there are lots of better things you can do with it. Do you know that I even do make some little money for myself atimes just helping some people to fund their Liberty Reserve account? Well, this is just a clue to some better, real ways you can be making yourself some real money online, right here in Nigeria.

Just because someone shows you pictures of money, nice cars, flash houses, doesn’t mean that any of that will come true for you. If I show you lots of pictures of money or edited pictures of cheques that even don’t belong to me – do you really think that makes any difference – they’re just conning you with their marketing gimmicks.

• Do yourself a favour – don’t waste your money on joining money making schemes!

I am really sure that the question that will be running through your mind now will be – HOW CAN I THEN MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET, RIGHT HERE IN NIGERIA ?
Well,I did find a few cool ways of exploiting the internet to build passive income online right here in Nigeria. So, try and read “12 Ways I Make Money Online as a Nigerian” and  “5 Quick Ways to make money in Nigeria without Adsense/Paypal“. 

I hope this helps.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. Guy, I do not dispute this blog at all. I totally agree with you. Just three weeks ago, I started to take paid surveys using a virtual address, virtual phone number and a VPN software to hide my real IP.

    Believe me, just the very day I started, my inbox was so full of trash I almost took ill. Right now, I'm bored to death! The horror part is that you'll need a credit card to complete most surveys. I have exhausted all the cash in my $50 Visa card and I still don't have anything valuable to show for it.

    If you are so unfortunate to be living in an area where there is no regular supply of public electricity, you'll have to burn litres upon litres of fuel, of which the possibility of your recovering the cost in cash/time spent is slim to naught! Simply put, you may likely not be able to recover the cost at the end of the month. Not to mention is the cost of subscribing to a very high speed internet connection.

    Fellow Nigerians, please heed Jide's advice. Taking online surveys is not for Nigerians. Look for something better,legitimate and more profitable to do. Taking surveys or paid to read emails (that will only earn you $0.02 per email cannot offset the cost of taking such surveys.

    Like I said, I am writing this from experience. I am currently taking paid American surveys but the likelihood of getting something worthwhile from them, from what I've seen, is weak. God help me. Sadly, I have spent so much to get started and am silently regretting it now. Once again, God help me.

    Please be warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! You have said it all friend. How I wish i can email this to all Nigerians who are thinking of getting rich overnight filling surveys. Well, thank you so much for taking time to write this comment. I really appreciate. Kindly email me, have a gist for you.

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