How To Make Money and Promote Your Blog Using Videos and Podcasts

This is a guest post compiled by OluwaSegun Daniel  for OgbongeBlog

The Internet world is predominated by websites and most popularly nowadays are blogs. A website without consistent and increasing traffic is likened to a dead website. If your blog is receiving 5 unique visitors every month and those 5 visitors are yourself and your friends, then you need help in getting quality traffic.

I will be referring to two uncommon yet quality source of traffic in this post and how you can monetize them.

make money online

One is through videos.

Video traffic can increase your site worth and of course your website earnings. The mega video sharing site YouTube can prove with no doubt that your website can gain traffic by sharing your videos on it.

Based on recent stats concerning online video viewing online, there has been an increase in the percentage of videos being viewed online. You can also make money online by monetizing your videos.  If you don’t utilize this method then you are missing out on the current web 2.0 element.

Video Tools You can Use

You can create your videos revealing your face or not. Depending on what you need and have, you will need the following tools if you intend to create videos from your blog content i.e. articles:

1.        Webcam/Digital Camera (For Facial Interaction)
2.        Video Editing Software (Windows Movie Maker, Camstasia, iMovie or any good alternative)
3.        Audio Editing Software for voice-over (Audacity, personally I use WaveLab)

If you’re an entertainment or News blogger, you can easily create videos of trending stories and upload to YouTube. They will go viral and when this happens, you will make money if you’ve monetized the videos. You can as well add a link back to your blog in the video description on YouTube.

You can simply use a video editor to write the summary of the gist/news and add a voiceover. Simple!

Podcasting on the other hand gives you the avenue to provide your post through audio means.

This can help you to reach out to people who like to listen rather than read your lengthy articles. Also, you can make money by selling subscription and/or ad spaces through your podcast. People who are busy may get used to your blog’s podcast as it enables you to reach out to people as it fits in to their necessity.

Podcasting Tools You Need

Podcasting is not difficult if you are tech-inclined. You don’t need to create a video if you intend to podcast, all you need is to read your articles to the people. You can make it seem like a radio program by integrating short music, commercial breaks, etc to it.

The following tools are necessary if you intend to podcast:

1.        Your Phone (If you wish)
2.        Microphone/Headset with Mic
3.        Audacity or any Audio Editing software

Adopting these two methods completes your blog as people who like to read text can view your articles, people who prefer videos can access your blog content as videos and a person who likes to listen can subscribe to your podcast 24/7.

You can upload your audio files to or host them on your site.

Read how to upload to SoundCloud here.

But now that you can create videos and podcast for your blog/website, you need to promote them too.

Ways You Can Promote Your Videos and Podcast

  1. Create an RSS feed  so as to make people subscribe to your blog/website
  2. Share your podcast/video page on your social media page/accounts,
    email, forum, etc
  3. Submit your podcast at podcast directories as many as you can find eg Soundcloud.
    (Just Google it)
  4. Submit your videos at video-sharing websites e.g. YouTube, vimeo, etc
  5. Announce your podcast with a press release
  6. Use social bookmarking websites
  7. Use word of mouth
  8. Comment on Ogbongeblog with your link
  9. Ping your blog at
  10. Text Friends about your latest podcast/video

NOTE: You can get someone into techies to assist you in case you need help in creating your videos and podcast.

Also comment below in order to ask me any question.

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This post was written by Oluwasegun DanielHe blogs on and you can follow him on Twitter @techsegun and add him as friend on Facebook here
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Its a nice to way to promote blog and make money, I created my YouTube channel for a while now but I started uploading videos last week, I even linked my AdSense account to it but how can an entertainment blogger like me create a video about a trending news, I find it hard.

  2. Good day sir,

    First off all i will commend ur good work in helping newbies develop their blogs/sites. Thanks so much sir we really appreciate you.

    Secondly i have been having issues with my blog (, it was blacklisted by google, anytime i want to open it on pc or mobile Firefox browser it will display site block and i have tried everything i know to correct this issue but it still the same. Pls can you help me on how to resolve this issues. Thanks sir i await your reply.

  3. @Olabola Still waiting for your in for, cos I cogently believe it will be interesting.

    Once again, lovely write up here.

    Oga Jide, I currently have at least two videos on my blog and after much music and trumpet about it , still manage few views.So am considering paid advertising. What's your take on that?

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