How To Make Money With Oriflame Business In Nigeria

You can make money with Oriflame business in Nigeria if you have passion for product sales and if you are not scared of telling anyone about your business. I joined Oriflame business in Nigeria last year and I have been making some money from it.

If you want to start Oriflame business in Nigeria and would like to know how to make money from the business, kindly follow me through the list below :

1. Earn INSTANT profit when you sell the discounted products you buy from Oriflame.

You will earn instant profit when you buy and sell Oriflame products in Nigeria. Profit per product is from 23% if you sell your Oriflame products at recommended oriflame selling price (i.e product price in the Oriflame catalogue) and you will earn more if you sell at price higher than the recommended selling price.

For example,

As a registered Oriflame consultant in Nigeria, I can buy the Oriflame Divine Perfume in Nigeria @ N10,762 (as at the time of publishing this post) while Oriflame recommends I sell it at N13,990 (catalogue price) or more.

oriflame divine perfume price in nigeria

So, if I sell it at N13,990, I will make instant profit of N3,228 per sale.

Hence, I will make N32,280 profit if I sell it to 10 friends at the catalogue price and I will make more profit if I sell at higher price 😉

There are also offers like Oriflame VIP Program, Oriflame Welcome Program that let you get the products at higher discount so you can make more profit. The VIP program allows you get up to 45% discount every month.

I can still remember how the Welcome program enabled me to buy the Oriflame Signature perfume for men for just N1,500 instead of N11,990 which was the cost price then. I made a whooping N10,000+ profit from selling it at the recommended selling price.

oriflame signature perfume price for welcome program 3 in nigeria


You will get hard copies of the latest price list of all Oriflame products when you receive your welcome kit from Oriflame after registration. The Welcome kit will be delivered to your house, office or you can go and pick it up at nearby Oriflame office/spo.

The Oriflame products price list contains the cost price, recommended selling price and profit per product of all Oriflame products. So with this, you can easily plan your Oriflame retail/wholesale business.

Selling Oriflame products is easy. All you need do is to show your loved ones the Oriflame catalogue online or offline and take orders. I will give you more tips on how to sell Oriflame products if you join my Oriflame team.

make money with Oriflame Nigeria business


2. Earn MONTHLY salary (performance discount) from your sales and that of your team members (downlines).

Oriflame offers an unlimited income opportunity when you invite others to join the business.

This is the easiest way you can make money from the business if you love talking to people – and mobile apps like Whatsapp, Facebook messenger now make this so easy.

By inviting and recruiting people, you can build a team of active Oriflame consultants which will make it so easy for you to earn earn hundreds of thousands every month with soft work. The bigger your team, the more you earn.

Oriflame consultants earn “performance discount” aka Oriflame salary every month based on the total number of bonus points accumulated by their teams.

As you and your team members accumulate more bonus points, you will close new titles and step up in the Oriflame success ladder. The higher you are on the ladder, the more you stand to earn monthly from the Oriflame business in Nigeria.

How Oriflame Calculates Performance Discount

  1. Earn the full Performance Discount (3%-21%) on your personal sales.
  2. Earn the difference between your own Performance Discount (PD) Level and the PD Level of the Consultants directly sponsored by you – on their total group Business Volume (BV).

There is an Oriflame business app that lets you easily register anyone that wants to join the business through you. You can check out the Oriflame apps here. With the app, you can also track the performance of your Oriflame downlines.

You can also generate your Oriflame referral link from Oriflame Nigeria website and share the link with people that want to join the business. If they register through the link, Oriflame will register them as your downlines.

You can click here if you would like to learn more about the Oriflame monthly salary with examples of how it is calculated.

oriflame nigeria business make money

3. Earn extra cash bonues awards and incentives when you reach certain levels in the success plan.

When you reach certain levels in the Oriflame compensation plan, you will be rewarded with extra cash bonues, awards, free laptops, mobile phones etc

If you join my team, I will give you docs that highlight the breakdown of all the bonuses etc

oriflame nigeria compensation plan


In addition to making money in Oriflame, you will also get the opportunity to meet classy business people when you will attend Oriflame meetings in your state,outside your state and outside Nigeria.

In oriflame, there is no ponzi, no double double things. The harder you work, the more you earn.

How Much Can I Use To Start Oriflame Business?

You can start Oriflame business with any amount in addition to the registration fee. Oriflame NIgeria registration fee is N3,000.

For example,

If you decide to start the business by buying 2 pieces of the Oriflame AfterShave balm for men which costs around N1,390 (1390*2=2780), that means you can start the business with 2780+3000= N5,780.

The N3,000 is registration fee.

You will only pay the registration fee once whenever you are ready to buy your first set of products.

Call/SMS or Whatsapp me via 07062918898 if you want to get started asap.

About Oriflame Nigeria

Oriflame is a company in sweden that began operations in 1967 with consultants and branch offices in over 62 countries which includes a branch in Nigeria that started operation in 2014.

Oriflame deals in everyday products we use… face&body cream, perfume, rollon, body spray, after-shave, toothpaste, face cleanser, lipsticks, shampoo etc – All for male and female.

Oriflame has products for makeup, skin brightening, pimples, body odor, skin discoloration, hair growth/shine, feet cracks etc. So, there are lots of problems that Oriflame products can solve, hence big market for you to sell and make money.

So, you are invited to join the business opportunity that lets you make money from product sales and also allows you to earn monthly income from team building. Plus cash awards and opportunity to travel around Nigeria and abroad for fun.

If you have questions, feel free to ask pls.

oriflame nigeria consultant benefits

Remember, with Oriflame, you can look great, make money and have fun!

Call/SMS or Whatsapp me via 07062918898 if you want to get started asap.

You can click here to chat with me on Whatsapp.

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