How To Make Your eBook Appear On Your Profile

Few months back, I stumbled on my Free Blogger Guide on while downloading some free ebooks from the site. I clicked on the Author link only to discover that it was not pointing to my profile.

That same day, I submitted a ticket, requesting for the ebook to be moved to my profile. Few hours later, I received a reply that such will only be possible if I can verify ownership of the ebook.


In the ebook, and were listed as my sites.

To verify ownership of the ebook, I was required to send a mail to the support desk, using an email address from either of those two sites.

I sent the mail as required and within 24 hours, the ebook was moved to my profile and I confirmed it via the “desk” tab on my dashboard.

Now that it’s been listed on my profile, I can now earn money from Google ads that display on the ebook’s page at

More so, visitors to the page will be able to connect with me via my social media links and as well, visit my site if they wish to.

You can check out the guide at :

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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