MTN PayGO: Magic Number,Tariffs, Facts, Benefits, How To Migrate etc

Have you checked your MTN account balance and realized that you have been automatically migrated to the new MTN PayGO but still don’t know what it is all about? Well,it is MTN’s new tariff plan which I can simply say is the merging together of HappyLink and FunLink.

Key Facts about the new MTN plans.

-The former 5 “Link Plans” have been simplified to only TWO basic plans – “PayGo” and “TalkOn“.
-Happylink + Funlink = PayGo while Smartlink+Prolink+BizLink=TalkOn.
-Free midnight call is now available to all MTN subscribers with the exception of postpaid customers
-Family&friends is now 6 numbers: (4 MTN numbers, 1 other network and 1 international which must be a US or Canadian number) .
MTN magic number:  is available to both PayGo and TalkOn subscribers. It allows you to talk to one person free of charge for 30 days after an initial registration fee of N250 charged only to the person initiating the magic number service.



– Call 6 registered Family and Friends numbers at N12/min    (20kper/sec)
– Free call to one “Magic Number” for 30days at N250/month.
– Free Midnight calls


MTN-to-MTN = 50kobo per second
MTN-to-others = 58kobo per second

MTN-to-MTN =N5
MTN-to-other = N10
International    = N15
MMS ==  N60
Date  = 5kobo per kilobyte

How To Migrate:
text 400 to 131 from your phone. First change in 30days is FREE while next change in 30days is N100.

If I am to compare the MTN PayGo to what other networks already have on ground, I think this PayGO is something else. It is only the “Magic Number” that seems to make sense to me for now.

I think it is high time MTN makes their plans to be straight forward like other networks or else, sooner or later, they will realize that most of their subscribers have turned their MTN line to “answering machine”, while using other SIMS to make calls.

MTN boasts of the HappyLink, FunLink and SmartLink bundles which you can buy for N400, N1, 500 and N6, 000 respectively with some Free sms inclusive but how many MTN subscribers really understand how all these works.

As at today,
Etisalat = 25k per sec – all network
Airtel =  20k per sec – all network
Glo =    25k per sec – all networks (Glo Infinito covered areas)
Glo =    N18/min  – all networks  ( NON-Glo infinito covered areas)
MTN to MTN call only, under PayGO= 50k/sec……haba!.

I just can’t imagine myself still having to pay N30/minute for just MTN to MTN calls and N34.80 for MTN to other networks. …..this is just too much.

It will be better for MTN to charge subscribers maybe 30k/sec flat rate to all networks instead of this PayGo, PayCome thing… .

The only thing that makes sense to me right now is the “Magic number“. I will try it out and see if it is as good as it sounds. Someone even told me that if you already registered one person, another person will not be able to register you, yet to confirmed this though. I just hope it will not be like that or else, the Magic Number wont make any sense to me.

The Magic Number costs N250 for 30 days and it is the “inviter” that only pays for it and no credit will be deducted from the account of the “invitee”.

How do I register my MTN Magic Number?
To register an MTN Magic number, you must invite the person you want as your magic number by dialling *563*MSISDNB# where MSISDN is the number of the person that you want to be your magic number e.g. *563*0803 8901234#.

If your “invitee” decides to accept your invite, he/she will dial *563*1*MSISDNA# where MSISDNA is your number

NGN250 will then be deducted from your MTN TalkOn or PayGo account as soon as your “invitee” accepts your invite.

NOTE: You cannot change your magic number within those 30 days i.e. your MTN Magic Number will be the same for 30 days.

If your “invitee” decides to reject your invite, he/she will dial *563*2*MSISDNA# where MSISDNA is your number

How do I view my MTN Magic Number?
You can view your MTN Magic Number by dialing *563#.

That’s all.

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  1. MTN is just stingy. When i even hear about it, I was thinking it will something lower or closer to the lies of Etisalat without knowing it is still a long thing. 50/sec to MTN numbers is just too expensive. PayGo my foot..

  2. There should be a serious sanction against MTN. It is the only network that will give you crazy bill on postpaid account even after you have indicated a particular credit limit to them. I am seriously considering a court action against them for suspending my line. They have even refused to provide me with the call log.

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