Namecheap Letsencrypt SSL Integration : How I Do It

Namecheap letsencrypt ssl integration is something you will have to learn if you would like to use letsencrypt free ssl certificate for your websites which are powered by Namecheap web hosting services. This is because as at the time of publishing this post, Namecheap doesn’t support one-click letsencrypt free ssl certificate installation for sites hosted on their servers.

I’m currently using Namecheap reseller hosting plan to host some of my websites and I’ve switched most of them to https by making use of letsencrypt ssl certificate despite the fact that Namecheap doesn’t offer support for the free letsencrypt ssl certificate.

Namecheal letsencrypt ssl integration is possible by making use of SSLForFree or the WordPress WP-Encrypt plugin.

With SSLForFree, you can easily generate free letsencrypt ssl certificates without shell/ssh access and it works with any web hosting company in as much as you have access to the the SSL/TLS Manager via cPanel where you can install the ssl certificate for your site. So, if your web hosting company doesn’t support letsencrypt installation via cpanel (eg Namecheap), you should give a try.

You can read how to use to generate free SSL certificate for your sites.

Alternatively, you can install the Wp-Encrypt plugin and use it to generate free letsencrypt ssl certificate for your website if it is powered by WordPress. And with this plugin you, don’t even need to worry about the 90 days expiration of letsencrypt ssl certificates. The plugin will automatically renew the certificates before they expire (as long as you want it to).

You can read how to use the WordPress letsencrypt plugin.


Whatever option you select, you should be able to switch your site from HTTP to HTTPS for free if you are making use of Namecheap web hosting services.

Once you complete the Namecheap letsencrypt integration, can use WhyNoPadlock or Namecheap SSL checker to confirm everything is working fine.

NB : If you need a reliable web hosting company that offers one-click integration of free letsencrypt ssl certificate, you should check out SiteGround web hosting company. Tested and confirmed.

I hope this helps.

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