Nigeria’s Own Uti Nwachukwu Wins 2010 Big Brother Africa’s Show

After battling it out for a gruelling 91 days, Nigeria’s own, Uti Nwachukwu has become Big Brother Africa’s newest millionaire!

After fighting off stiff competition from Zimbabwe’s Munya Chidzonga, Uti was announced the winner of a cool USD 200 000. There was palpable tension as soon as host IK was beamed onto the House screens to make the announcement. Both Uti and Munya, who had earlier professed how nervous they were, sat on the couch, their cigarettes in hand.

Uti stared into one spot while Munya bowed his head and held Uti’s hand. Munya stared at the ceiling in disbelief for more than two minutes. He held his heads in his head and looked like he was holding back a bucket of tears. As soon as Uti found out he had won, he jumped onto the couch and sang his national anthem.

He takes home an awesome USD 200 000 home, which he has no doubt worked hard for. As soon as Munya was called out onto the stage, Uti stayed in the Big Brother Africa House and jumped on the furniture, singing Nigeria’s National Anthem as well as the Pledge of Alligiance.

He kissed everything he could lay his hands on and professed “I will miss you.” Just then, Big Brother came onto the loudspeakers for the last time and told Uti to exit the House. “Tell me you love me. I will miss you Big Brother,” he said.

He stepped out of the House and sashayed down the red carpet, with fireworks exploding by his side with every step. He seemed to be enjoying himself and would pull exaggerated poses. He then stepped onto the stage and danced, thrilling the crowd in the process.

How It Happened 
The All Star Housemate cast comprises of 14 housemates from previous editions of the BBA show.  Last week people voted to select their winner from the five All Stars finalists: Lerato, Munya, Mwisho, Sheila and Uti. The analysis of the votes showed that Lerato, Mwisho and Sheila had zero country votes, while Uti had eight, and Munya had seven.

Uti was the most popular Housemate with eight countries voting to save him, while Munya had seven countries voting to save him.

Therefore, because they each received no country votes, Sheila was evicted first, followed by Mwisho and then Lerato.


The countries that voted to save Uti were: Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda and the Rest of Africa.


The countries that voted to save Munya were: Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

So much to see during the special two-hour live Big Brother finale! Check out more video highlights from the All Stars gallery, right here!

I am so happy for Uti, just hoping he will holla me when he returns to the country so we can arrange how I will get my own share of the  USD 200 000…

So, what do you think about this?

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  1. I am so happy for him.. I just hope he will keep contact with Sheila. That lady loves him and even her country also voted for him. Sheila + Uti = Up NIgeria!

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