NIIT Nigeria Scholarship 2011: How to register and NIIT centres in Nigeria

If you are dreaming of a global I.T career, try and take the NIIT Nigeria Scholarship Test 2011.

NIIT is one of the best Information Technology training Institutes in the world with branches all over the world. NIIT is a global leader in Information Technology training and education with over 4,000 centres in 40 countries and an experience of over 26 years in IT training, boasting of over 5 million students worldwide. NIIT is Africa’s largest IT education provider.
Last date of application : 15th JULY,2011 Exam date : 16th JULY,2011

The 12th NIIT Nigeria Scholarship test 2011 will take place on Saturday July 16, 2011, at all NIIT centres nationwide. Interviews for qualified candidates will commence thereafter. The NIIT IT Empowerment scholarship is open to all students, employees, undergraduates, and anyone who desires to become a certified professional in Information Technology.
To apply, try and visit the nearest NIIT centre close to you to fill the FREE application form. NIIT Nigeria IT Scholarship offers deserving students up to 100% waiver on IT training programs of their choice. Application ends July 15, 2011. So, visit an NIIT centre today and obtain and fill in your free application form.
Well, as a matter of fact, IT IS NOT A FULL SCHOLARSHIP but you will get good discount on your course of choice depending on how you perform in the scholarship qualifying test. When I took the test in 2009, I performed excellently and because of that, I was able to study Java Programming basics at a much more reduced fee, compared to what my mates paid.
You will agree with me that getting a world class IT education is expensive with cost for professional IT education ranging between 50,000 to up to 500,000 Naira or even more. By taking part in the NIIT scholarship program you stand a chance getting waiver on your IT training fees. Depending on your performance in the NIIT scholarship qualifying test, you may get up to 50% fee waiver on your IT training at NIIT Nigeria.
I personally studied Java programming ( SCJP) at NIIT Onitsha for 6 months (Saturdays and Sundays). I enrolled towards the end of my Youth Service year (NYSC) and finished some few months after my Youth service. Right now, am very happy to have taken the step because it has exposed me to loads of stuffs in the IT world. Though, NIIT also has their own flaws, nevertheless, I strongly believe it is still one of the best out there if you really want to skill up in IT.
Below are some of the pictures I snapped one of those days I was still studying  Java at NIIT Onitsha.

Visiting any of these NIIT centres could be your first step in your journey to becoming a specialist in the IT world.
You can also visit NIIT global website at for more information about NIIT global operations.
I hope this helps.
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