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Oriflame Sweden has mobile applications that serve different purposes. These include the Oriflame beauty app, the Oriflame business app, the Oriflame Get Started app and the Oriflame Make Up wizard app etc.

As a certified Oriflame consultant in NIgeria. I have the Oriflame mobile apps installed on my smartphone and you can also download them from the Apple App store and Google Play store.


Oriflame Beauty App

The Oriflame app is a must-have for Oriflame Consultants. With daily product updates, fantastic offers, beauty inspiration and expert advice, you can now have the world of Oriflame at your fingertips. The Oriflame application is all you need to place your orders through your phone and so much more. If you are looking for the Oriflame catalogue app, this is the app you need.

The Oriflame App is cool and you can use it to –

  • buy Oriflame products directly from the company.
  • browse the latest Oriflame Catalogue of products.
  • search for any Oriflame beauty product.
  • track your business status and performance.
  • register new prospects to join your team.
  • view your Oriflame bonus points.
  • learn how to sell Oriflame products.
  • learn recruitment skills.
  • get and read inspirational beauty tips and stories.
  • place VIP Orders etc

Oriflame catalogue app for oriflame beauty products

You can download Oriflame mobile app for Android and iOS from the App stores.

++ Download Oriflame App for Android.
++ Download Oriflame App for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

If you want to learn how to use the Oriflame app, join our Oriflame Whatsapp group.

Oriflame Business App

The Oriflame Business Application gives you real time data about your Oriflame business and provides ways to enhance business in your network. I really like this app because it allows me to easily sms and chat with my downlines on Whatsapp.

oriflame business app


  • track the business status of your Personal Group.
  • help to activate your downline.
  • countdown to the next catalogue period.
  • search your entire network.
  • contact any Consultant in your network using native features on your mobile phone, with favourable operator rates.

++ Download Oriflame Business App for Android.
++ Download Oriflame Business App for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Oriflame Get Started App

The Oriflame get started app simply allows you to learn so that you can enjoy your journey towards your dreams. Getting Started is the most important training for a successful start in Oriflame. It is essential for continuous success and working towards fulfilling your dreams.

oriflame get started app

++ Download Oriflame Get Started App for Android
++ Download Oriflame Get Started App for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Oriflame Make Up Wizard App

The Oriflame Makeup app is your virtual makeup mirror. Using your phone’s built-in camera, the app allows you or your customers to virtually apply The ONE lipsticks, mascaras,eyeshadows, blushers and eyeliners and get a real-time view of how they look.

Once you, or your customers, have chosen a look, it’s really easy to add the selected products to your shopping bag and buy them from the Oriflame website.

oriflame make up app

Even if you’re not an Oriflame consultant, you can still enjoy Oriflame Makeup Wizard. Simply try on the products you’re interested in, and to buy either add them to your Consultant’s basket, or register for an account on the Oriflame website and check out the order yourself.

++ Download Oriflame MakeUp Wizard App for Android
++ Download Oriflame MakeUp Wizard App for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

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