I’m Now Oriflame Nigeria Consultant

You heard me right? Yes, I’m now Oriflame Nigeria consultant.

If you’re also interested in becoming a consultant of Oriflame Nigeria, you can chat with me on whatsapp so I can explain to you how it works, how to make money with Oriflame Nigeria and all you need to know about the Oriflame Nigeria online business opportunity.

oriflame nigeria consultant

What Is Oriflame?

Oriflame Sweden is an international company which was established by two brothers Jonas Af Jochnick and Robert Af Jochnick. The swedish company started operation in Sweden in 1967 but now has branch offices in over 62 countries (including Nigeria, UK, US, Switzerland ) with over 4 million customers worldwide. Oriflame Nigeria, which started operations in October 2014 is one of the branches of Oriflame.

Oriflame deals in large variety of products for men and women including :

  • toileteries (roll-on, perfumes, soaps etc),
  • accessories (lipsticks, nail polish,eyeliner etc) and
  • skin care products (face&body cream, cleanser, masks, shampoo, balms etc).


oriflame products for men and prices in nigeria


oriflame skin care products for women


Benefits of Joining Oriflame in Nigeria

If you become an Oriflame consultant in Nigeria, you will be offered the chance to :

  • Look Great,
  • Make Money and
  • Have Fun.

You look great by making use of the quality Oriflame products which are herbal in nature, thereby making them harmless to the human body.

You can make money in Nigeria with Oriflame if you sell Oriflame products and build a team of Oriflame consultants. You earn instant profit, monthly salary, cash awards, car gifts, free smartphones, sponsored trips around the world etc.


oriflame consultants in Nigeria

Oriflame also gives you the chance to have fun.  Once you sign up as an Oriflame Nigeria consultant, you will get the opportunity to attend oriflame meetings, free trainings at top hotels in Nigeria and beyond. This will give you the chance to meet quality people.

I doubt if the brand of the toothpaste, cream, perfume, roll-on etc that you are currently using gives you the opportunities listed above.

If you’re a blogger like me, it’s an opportunity for you to get products you can use to monetize your blogs. The profit per product sale is far better than the peanuts some Nigerian affiliate programs pay you. You also get the opportunity to meet quality people offline who you can offer your services to.

Click here now to get started!


The Oriflame Cosmetics Catalogue

These are my Oriflame Nigeria catalogues which I received when I placed my first order. The catalogue is also available in pdf format, which you can download here.

oriflame cosmetics catalogue

The price of every Oriflame product is in the catalogue alongside the description and images.  I will talk more about the catalogue and it’s importance in my presentations.


How To Join Oriflame Nigeria Business Opportunity

You can register on Oriflame website or by making use of the Oriflame mobile app. Any Oriflame consultant can also sign you up. I recommend you sign up with an Oriflame consultant that will be willing to help you with strategies on how to make money and have fun with Oriflame.

Before you sign up, it’s better you really understand how it works, the compensation plan etc

I’m willing to help you with all that.

Click here to learn more about Oriflame business opportunity on Whatsapp.
Click here to download the Oriflame catalogue and join the discussion.

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