A PayRoll Software With A Difference : For Large, Medium and Small Scale Enterprise

Living in the digital era and managing your business payroll manually is both tedious and error prone. This becomes a herculean task especially when you have salaries to process for a good number of staff, compute tax payable, deductions and employee’s liabilities.

Currently, there are a variety of Human Resource and payroll software solutions available in Nigeria to assist business owners and HR personnel in this particular task. To ensure that you get satisfactory results as regards your HR and Payroll functions, we will be reviewing PayDayNGpayroll solutions.

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PaydayNG Payroll software is software that helps HR managers to perform payroll, computations and HR functions effectively.

It tracks all activities of an Employee in an organization. So, it is not just ordinary payroll software.

Why PaydayNg Payroll Software

Here are a few reasons to choose a Paydayng as your preferred payroll management software for your business:

  1. It is a web application
  2. User friendly interface for your payroll management
  3. It is customizable
  4. World wide access, No virus, Access via mobile device, Easy to update
  5. Quick data migration
  6. Integration with Biometric Device or Existing System
  7. Multiple Companies and Location support
  8. Powerful reporting
  9. Export to Excel/PDF/Word for all list and report
paydayng payroll solution for businesses

Benefits of PayDayNG Payroll Solutions

Here are some of the highlights that makePayDayNg the best Payroll software for your business:

1. Employee Information

  • Employee personal details, contact details, qualification, Emergency details, guarantor details e.t.c
  • Employee Payment method
  • Employee transfer, promotion and separation
  • Employee history record and lots more
2. Time Management (Attendance + Shift)
  • Attendance Calendar management
  • Real time data from Biometric/Swipe card device/ Face recognition system
  • Attendance month setup to take into account the cut off provision- pay salary on date 1st of every month e.t.c
  • Attendance can be imported through excel sheet
  • Employee shift rotation facility
  • Flexible and regular shift types with night shift functionality
  • Dynamic off-day/ week-off setup according to state, Branch, Employee Grade/Cadre or Employee specific
  • Timing policies for grace period, late hours, working hours e.t.c
  • Set any working day to non – working day and vice versa in case of riots e.t.c
  • Employee overtime management
3. Payroll Processing

  • Leave management
  • Loan and Advance management
  • Loan and Advance EMI deduction automatic and displayed in salary slip
  • Loan rescheduling, stop payment and settlement options
  • Interest on loan calculation if required
  • Allowance Earning/deduction can be defined
  • Dynamic salary formula creation
  •  On attendance and non – attendance pay heads
  • Salaries reprocess and posting features

4. Recruitment

PayDayNg Payroll Management Software can also help businesses in their recruitment:

  • A Web-based automated system for recruitment process
  • It helps your recruiters and recruitment Managers to easily manage the candidate resumes, posts jobs to various sources, shortlist eligible candidates, manage candidate Interviews and send offer letters
  • HR/Admin can decide the interview panel for each recruitment process individually and rating for each process with interview date and time.

5. Training

PayDayNg Payroll Software will come handy in training management in the following ways:

  • All details regarding the training to be conducted viz. date, time venue, budget, Candidates participating, alert to each participant irrespective of branch, department etc can be decided here.
  • Training Calendar that shows all the upcoming training scheduled
  • If training is conducted by external/internal source then the details of the external/internal source can be entered here.
  • Employee feedback
  • Shows history of all training conducted and score of each participant/s and lots more.

6. Performance Management system

  • Key result area and key performance indicator defined
  • KRA Evaluation setting
  • HOD and Employee appraisal score
  • Competence report and lots more

7. Statutory deduction

  • Automatic calculation of PAYE deductions in accordance with PITA as amended by 2011 Amendment act.
  • Employers and employee pension contribution deduction
  • NSITF, GLI, NHF and other statutory deduction.

PaydayNG Payroll Software provides Employee and Manager Self-service such that employee can:

  1. Apply for Leave
  2.  Employee Asset requisition
  3. Make Loan/Advance requisition
  4. Submit suggestions
  5. Submit survey, feedback, self-evaluation e.t.c
  6. View training calendar
  7. View Employee profile information
  8. Download salary slip
  9. View attendance details
  10. View Leave application approval/rejection and Leave balances

The payroll software has :

  • A Role based privileges easy to setup for employee role and authority
  • Separate Dashboard for each employee and manager


Here is a sneak peek of the dashboard of the PayDayNg Payroll Software:

paydayng payroll application

If you need more information about your payroll maintenance services or you want Magnet Consulting to manage your payroll system, call 01-4542116, 08084708847.

Visit the Magnet Group blog for more tips on managing your payroll.

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