A Quick Tour of PorkMoney Ranch

With an expected holding capacity of 40,000, Porkmoney’s Epe pig ranch is well on its way to become the biggest privately-owned pig farm in Africa.

Porkmoney is a pioneer in the pig-farming segment of Nigeria’s agriculture sector. The company, with expertise in pig production and processing, is not taking any chances with its self-imposed target of becoming the premier name in the entire livestock agriculture industry.


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Currently, there are about 1000 weaners of different breeds on the company’s 100-acre property in Lagos. This number is expected to triple in the next few weeks. The ranch is eponymously named Porkmoney Ranch.

The company’s finishing model [raising pigs from birth to maturation] is an excellent and unique strategy in Nigeria’s agriculture industry.

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Muyiwa Folorunso, the co-founder of Porkmoney says the ranch will boost the confidence of the company’s investors – that their money is in the right place, and the company is making the right moves blazing the trail.

The finishing strategy coupled with the company’s semi-intensive free-range system will ensure that unnecessary cost is avoided. The free-range system will also help the pigs grow healthy and strong.

The Porkmoney Ranch is destined to be a mecca of investors, and all other individuals or groups who have concerns with Nigeria’s fast-growing and all-important agriculture sector. A milestone Muyiwa Folorunso expects to reach in a very short while.

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Nigeria’s agriculture sector is the country’s highest employer of labour and one of its sources of foreign exchange mostly through exports of cash crops. However, there is an increasing focus on vertical integration – the total process of production, processing, and marketing. The Porkmoney ranch is a game-changer that will confirm the agtech company’s status as a pioneer in the pig segment of the livestock sector. It would also boost the confidence of investors that they are in the right place.

To paraphrase Muyiwa Folorunso, Porkmoney is putting its money where its mouth is – building the largest privately-owned pig-farm in West Africa and doing the hard work of farming so that its investors can earn money.

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