Register for Konga Merchant Account and Start Receiving Online Payments in Nigeria

If you are a business owner in Nigeria, you can start accepting payments online or in store from your customers by making use of KongaPay if you register to become a KongaPay merchant. KongaPay simply helps Nigerian businesses accept payments from bank accounts, cards & KongaPay account and payout to sub-merchants in the case of market place merchants.

If you register for KongaPay merchant account and Konga approves it, you will be able to start using KongaPay to process online and offline transactions, just like you can with the likes of Paystack, VoguePay and other online payment processing platforms in Nigeria. No payment redirections away from your app or website ever. It’s a POS and more!

One lovely feature of the kongapay online payment gateway is “me-Commerce“. With this feature, you can take a photo of any item you want to sell and KongaPay will generate a payment QR code for you. Just like that, you will be able to share the QR code on your favorite social media sites to receive online payments from those that want to buy the item you are selling.

You can also get your KongaPay customers to pay from their KongaPay app or from, by supplying your merchant ID or merchant name and have them send money to your KongaPay wallet, using “Pay” menu on their KongaPay dashboard. As a merchant, you will also have access to KongaPay mPOS app which you can also use to collect offline payments from your customers.

Benefits of KongaPay To Businesses in Nigeria

  • Simple and Easy way of accepting payments
  • Fast and Easy Integration of SDKs and Web Plugin
  • Integrated machine learning based fraud prevention to help minimize risks and chargebacks
  • Seamless payment experience for your customers
  • Increase in revenue by allowing your customers setup recurring payments
  • Robust Merchant Admin to view all your transaction reports and track your revenue
  • Ability to do Bulk Payments to your staff from the Merchant Admin Portal

kongapay merchants receive online payment in nigeria

What Are The Requirements To Become KongaPay Merchant?

  • Business Name, Address and RC registration – Who are you?
  • Scanned documents of signatories (Memorandum of Article, CO2, CO7 and CAC) – Registered to run a business?
  • IDs and BVN of signatories – A simple validation exercise Business Bank Account – Where to settle your proceeds.
  • Passport Pictures of the Signatories

How Much Is KongaPay Transaction Fees for Merchants ?

This depends on the merchant package type as the transaction fees differ. The minimum applicable transaction fees per package type are as shown below:

  • Receive Payment = 1.55% and capped at ₦2,000.
  • Bulk Payout = ₦100 per transaction.
  • Digital Goods = 1% cash back commission.

How Do I Register for KongaPay Merchant Account?

Go to :

After successful registration, you will be provided with Live Credentials, which include a Merchant ID, Login and Password to the KongaPay Merchant Admin Portal.

After Registration, How Do I Login To KongaPay Merchant Account?

You can login to KongaPay merchant account via :

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