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  1. I prefer blogger because it is easier and less expensive to manage compared to WP.. Some would argue , especially when it comes to SEO, but from my experience, I dont think this really matters. Just write a good article.. My site is http://www.bmasterz.com

  2. Hahaha, Oga Jide You know wordpress is bae and that’s why you moved!

    With wordpress,you’re no longer limited to any feature and other things that makes blogging easy!

    With the above text of mine,I hope I’ve been able to convince you beyond any reasonable doubt that WordPress is bae!

    #Jide,what do you have to say?

  3. Oga Jide,you also conducted a poll and that’s one of the qualities of WordPress!

    My dear blogger blog bloggers (lol) .. Quickly move to wordpress and see what Jide is enjoying!

    You may even enjoy more than him!

  4. Both platforms are good and better than each other in various ways.

    We all have reasons why we are using a platform. We just can’t continue comparing both platforms. We know WordPress is the best but Blogger is better for some niche.

    There are Bloggers on Blogger platform that are making real $$$ and has more DA than someone on WordPress platform.

    It’s all about choice here.

  5. WordPress is the best even though i am using blogger but managing WordPress sites for some of my clients it has lots of features over blogger my site is:

    Ebiraland Media

  6. I prefer blogger to wordpress its cheap to maintain the only reason wordpress is better is just seo i rep http://www.agadablog.com.ng/

  7. Blogger is good. WordPress is good. Depending on your level of interest. Blogger is directly connected to Google. While WordPress is yours. I was on blogger platform until I moved to WordPress. One of the things that trigger my action then was about SEO and monetization. Considering that, Blogger is also good at SEO and others depending on your strong articles. I can tell you that blogger post has more power than other WordPress content on Google. I also moved for me to take charge of some features. Based on my findings on WordPress, if you have good articles (no copy and paste) and which is one of the criteria for successful blogging,, search engine will love your site and you will get more natural backlink and Da. Also WordPress is good when you want to be professional with your works. All those saying because blogger is good are afraid of paying money to WordPress. That’s their own fear and weakness. Both are good. But Jide, you made some mistakes ooo. You shouldnt have moved to WordPress oo. But anyway you are welcome on board. My website is: http://www.evangelistjoshuaorekhie.com

  8. I prefer blogger to WordPress because it is easy to use. I say its easy to use in the sense that a new person got in to blogging newly can work and understand blogger platform with out having much stress unlike WordPress.

  9. Blogger is great. WordPress is great too!
    The best for me in this case depends on what the person would like to use it for. I’ve seen cases of some people moving from Blogger to WordPress and i’ve also seen cases of people moving from WordPress to Blogger.

    As regards features;
    It all depends on extensive research. Although i wouldn’t argue the fact that WordPress has a lot of features over Blogger due to it’s extensive plugins but SOME THINGS people are looking for on WordPress can also be found on Blogger if you meet a professional blog designer.

    i) You want a WordPress like comment box? you can also get it on Blogger too [i use it for http://javaappz.blogspot.com , a testing blog]
    ii) You want to create a Poll on Blogger blog, there are Blogger and third party widgets you can use. Infact you can embed it inside a post self
    iii) You want a professional blog design, there are both free and premium blogger themes out there to rock your blog
    iv) You want to be able to upload files and let people download it? it’s possible
    v) You want a forum on your blogger blog? Hell, yeah! though i recommend you use WordPress
    vi) and etcetera

    For instance; Recently i wanted to get a Portfolio design for my personal blog so people can see what i can do and my contact. I at first doubt if Blogger Blog will give me what i want [a professional design with basic info, contact, and etc on a single page] but eventually i got one that someone once doubt if am not using the Blogger platform with design

    In one word; WordPress is SUPER COOL but that doesn’t mean Blogger Platform is so that LIMITED either.

    Happy Blogging!

  10. I think it is about choice and what works best for you. WordPress is good, Blogger is also good.
    My blog > http://www.absolutehearts.com/

  11. My three sites
    http://www.afratales.com.ng are all Blogger blogs.

    I saw a newbie Blogger complaining that his hosting is expiring next month and the renewal is $150, I’m not scared of that cos my three sites are customized to my taste. If I don’t tell you you can’t know that they are not WordPress sites.
    So I prefer Blogger, it’s all about choosing the best templates.

  12. I Love WordPress but I rock better with blogger blogs. Blogger is interesting for a newbie because it helps him to understand WordPress better at a long run. Dats my experience. But wats the best techniques to optimise a blogger blog

  13. WordPress is good blogger is good also but for newbies, i think blogger is better, who say you can design ur blogger to your taste check out mine https://www.tag9ja.com

  14. WordPress blog works pretty magical compare to Blogger blogs. I can say for sure that Blogger blogs in somes ways are SEO friendly, though WP has plethora of plugins to achieve just the same feet as Blogger platform. Though I’m currently running a blog – Happy new year via a Blogger platform which is pretty cool too.

  15. I use Blogger, so I can’t say if it is better than Word Press or not. But I think Word Press is more dynamic than Blogger.

  16. WordPress is more flexible and better in every way than blogger. For starters, blogger’s free cost advantage is often the green light; makes it most preferable.

  17. I used Blogger for a year before switching to WordPress. Blogger is free and easy to understand especially for a newbie but I prefer Wp cause apart from having control over your site and better SEO, it has other features that are better than Blogger and you can see that here http://www.lifewithtee.com/?p=1196

  18. I am switching to wordpress today, but have been on blogger since 3year, i can say both of them are good but wp is better, my blog is http://www.giftnaija.com

  19. Both are good depending on what you want to use it for. People do move from blogger to wordpress, also from wordpress to blogger. Am using blogger.

    An as for newbies, blogger is more easier for the to understand and manipulate.

  20. To be candid, both are great, it’s a matter of perspective and satisfaction, the way you see it and the way it benefits you. You may be operating on a blogger platform while I use wordpress, it doesn’t mean I am benefiting more nor you are.

    Though I started with blogger which I used for 3-5 years. I later create a new blog using WordPress and it’s satisfactory for over 3 years.

    I rep http://www.thepacenews.com</>.

  21. Did I hear you say WordPress? What is there to press? Blogger has been saving lives since 1902, giving young talents the opportunity to go into what they love without having double doubts about being able to meet up with the expenses.

    Many believe WordPress is better but I sincerely do not think so, at least not when you are not limited while on Blogger. WordPress may have more features, but Blogger does have it’s uniqueness that makes it standout, only real bloggers may understand this.

    @ ConTechsBlog > http://www.contechsblog.com , we do not compare both platforms because some many bloggers on both of them perform very well.

  22. you get free traffic on blogger as a newbie, especially when you link your blog to gplus, if you publish 30 posts in one month on blogger, SEO or not your traffic should be around 600 pageviews, forthe long term just do on page seo and format permalinks before publishing, then after 6 to 10 months on blogger, you are good to go, i mean move to WP.

    You can be on WP as a newbie blogger and in 1 month you are still the only viewer of your web!!

  23. I have been on Blogger for my education niche at Neuroscientia since 2015. I love Blogger for the fact that you can easily customize the feel of ur blog backend, using CSS and html u have most likely assembled together from reputable bloggers like Harsh Agrawal of shoutmeloud, Neil Patel of Kissmetrics, Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog and many others.

  24. I am currently workimg on both platforms and can confidently say that WordPress is superior. Not saying blogger isn’t okay, but in terms of comparison with its counterparts, WordPress wins.

    Blog at https://myschoolinfo.com.ng

  25. Well ,for me I have not use Blogger but I have use WordPress so I knw more on WordPress more down blogger check out. http://www.tenaworld.com.ng

  26. WordPress is still the best. But blogger makes publishing and setting up so easy. I recommend blogger for newbies but to be really serious about blogging, u need WordPress.
    I rep techpanda.com.ng

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