Top 5 Tips for a Succesful Technical Support Service

How to build a great and efficient technical support service for your company? What are the key tips which everyone must know in order to make all customers happy with the technical support they get? You will find clear answers to these and many other important questions in our article on the top 5 tips for building a world-class technical support service for your business. Enjoy!

Technical support is always more difficult than plain customer support as there are many technical peculiarities involved. Also, your support team’s members must all possess sufficient technical knowledge in your area of specialization whether it be a Rails development team or a WordPress website.

Taking this into account, it is not surprising that many companies struggle with organizing successful technical support departments and get waves of negative feedback from their customers. Such a situation can be easily fixed if you know the right tips. Such as these, for example:

  • Examine previous tickets to see if this or similar issues have already been solved
  • Take notes on every ticket and share them
  • Don’t send customers self-help links, Q&As, videos, etc. Always help them yourself
  • Report bugs and crashes
  • Collect feedback and ideas for improvement

We are going to analyze each of these best tips in detail. Let’s get started.

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Examine Past Tickets

Oftentimes, it turns out that an issue you are trying to solve has already been solved in previous tickets. Search through the database of past tickets. Also, there could be tickets with similar issues which were successfully resolved. Train your support people to always check past tickets before trying to solve a problem from scratch.

Take Notes and Share Them

Every ticket can teach you something. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take notes on every ticket and share them with other team members. You can create a special folder with such notes or add commentaries for every ticket in the CRM interface you are using.

Don’t Send Them Self-Help Resources

Yes, we know, all technical support articles tell you to send your customers self-help links instead of trying to solve a ticket yourself. Also, most companies do that as well. We must tell you something – customers hate it. They don’t want to read lengthy FAQs, guides, watch videos and so forth. They don’t want to put any effort and spend their precious time on that.

They want you to solve their problem yourself and do it as quickly as possible. Therefore, make it an official policy to never send any self-help resources to customers but to solve all problems on your own. Customers will appreciate this and see that you really care.

Report Bugs and Crashes

Tickets can point you to previously unidentified bugs and crashes. In such cases, make a rule to always report such cases to the development team/technical department/CTO or whoever is responsible for errors and bugs. This will facilitate the constant improvement of your services or products.

Collect Feedback and Ideas for Improvement

Similarly to bugs, tickets can provide you with new ideas for improvement. In the process of providing support, you can collect feedback from customers and ask them what they would like improved and if they have any ideas for new features, etc.


An efficiently-operating technical support service which customers are satisfied with is vital for the successful operation of your business. Checking previous tickets, taking notes, sharing them, always solving all tickets on your own, reporting bugs and crashes, and finally, collecting valuable feedback and ideas for improvement from customers – all of these things will help you to build a brilliant and successful technical support service your customers will love.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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