How I Use Feedburner To Auto Post From My Blog To Twitter

I auto post from this Blogger blog to Twitter account of the blog by making use of Feedburner Socialize feature. The service makes it easy to distribute your content to interested subscribers or followers on social networks using any FeedBurner feed you already have. At this time, the Socialize service only supports Twitter.

So, whenever I publish a new post on the blog, the title and a link back to the post automatically gets tweeted on Twitter. This feature utilizes Google URL shortening service to create short versions of my feed links, e.g. And this makes it easy for me to track the clicks via

I set it to generate hashtags from labels added to my posts and those hashtags are automatically added to the tweets. There is also an option to add additional text (which can also be an hashtag) at the beginning or end of the post. Inline hash tags are supported too.

If you want to use the service, sign in to and burn a feed for your blog.

If you have an existing feed there for your blog, click on it and click on the “Publicize” tab

auto post to twitter from blogger blog

Click “Socialize” and add your Twitter account. Once added, set the formatting options as desired and click “Activate“.

activate feedburner socialize service for content marketing

Thereafter, if you publish a post on your blog, it should appear on the connected Twitter account.

That’s all.

I hope this helps.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. I also use FeedBurner on WordPress and I have reasons for it. First, it helps follow some analytical data. Second, it allows email subscription. Third, change of domain is without the change of a feed. Fourth, there are no plugins for social posting. Finally, there is the possibility of HTML output for the latest messages.

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