Verified Paypal Account Opened in Nigeria Permanently Limited

Last year, I received an email notification on my iPad that my USA verified PayPal account has been limited. I ignored the mail and didn’t bother to read it not until last weekend when I decided to login to the PayPal account to know what actually happened and what to do to remove the limit on the PayPal account.

I logged on and saw an alert that my account has been limited for a reason with Case ID : PP-002-504-023-262. It’s stated clearly on the page that I will need to provide some information before I can have access to sensitive account features i.e I will not be able to send or receive money with the paypal account.

I clicked on the link to the PayPal Resolution centre to check out the information needed from me and when I saw the list, I laughed because inside me, I know that’s the end of the 🙂  Imagine, they want me to provide :

  • Photo ID
  • Bank Account Statement of the VBA I used to verify the account
  • Proof of the US address I used when opening the account
  • Social Security Number
  • Business Information

If you know the tricks involved in opening USA Verified PayPal accounts in Nigeria, you will understand that there is no way I can pass this PayPal limitation review.

Despite been a VBA verified PayPal account, I suspect the red flag was raised because I’ve been using hotspot shield to manage the account since I created it. Might also be as a result of my last transaction in which I transferred to another PayPal account opened in Nigeria. I also read somewhere that account verified with ETrade accounts are been limited these days.

If you go through the PayPal Restricted activities in Paypal’s User Agreement before opening your PayPal account in Nigeria, you will understand that your PayPal account can be limited without any prior notice. 

I know this can happen anytime to my account, that’s why I always use or sell out my PayPal funds, ensuring I don’t have much left in the account.

So, What Next?

I will create a new PayPal account that will be verified with VBA (not ETrade account) and SSN and also ensure I use a dedicated VPN when accessing the account.

What’s your take on this?

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. The foundation of that PayPal account was wrong especially with the tools used.Don't open SSN verified PayPal which won't even be in your real name even if you find your way out on getting that done.
    Make sure your Nationality is set to Niger instead of USA and you won't have problem with your account provided you operate it with confirm dedicated VPN IP and as well following PayPal account operating simple guides.
    You will even be able to remove limitation on your account using your Nigerian ID Card by just calling up their customer care agent while you are logged into your PayPal account connecting the customer care agent with your account by giving them a one time 6 digits passcode.
    As I do say "Opening a verified PayPal account is one thing while operating successfully is another matter applicable to every PayPal account owners even with those operating it in supported countries"
    Anyway!I've decided to offer you a USA Dedicated VPN IP I do sell for $40/N6,000 for free till usual January 4th 2015 after which you can then decide renewing the same USA Dedicated VPN IP for another year for just N6,000 or $40.
    Kindly hit me up with your e-mail and name on Facebook…Cheers! !!

  2. I know that it is VBA verified but I'm just going against your last sentences as I quote; "So, What Next?
    I will create a new PayPal account that will be verified with VBA (not ETrade account) and SSN and also ensure I use a dedicated VPN when accessing the account.
    What's your take on this?"

    I'm sure you were been asked SSN because you set your Nationality as USA when you were registering your PayPal far back then.

  3. Well, my take on this may come off as harsh, but I think you don't need the Paypal account at all. Sure, it hurts to miss out on very juicy transactions simply because you don't have Paypal. But this whole Paypal thing in Nigeria is illegal. No legal way to go about it exists.

    Jide, you've built your reputation to high heights and I think protecting it should be of great interest to you. I hope I've not been preaching, but that's my take.

  4. Nothing is illegal about using Paypal in Nigeria? I beg to disagree. Unlike that of Apple you cited, Paypal specifically have some countries, including Nigeria, on their prohibited countries list. There is a conspicuous difference between not being listed and being expressly banned.

    Those who still manage to open it hide their IPs, use some services that hide or misrepresent their true identities or locations, etc. Can they, for instance, appear on a national TV program and defend opening a Paypal account in Nigeria?

    I know you know better.

  5. Jide, Yes it is (at least in my opinion)… It's liken to you locking up your doors against someone and the person has to enter through the windows. What will be your reaction against that person? That's why I do not operate PayPal.

    I'm considering the option of traveling to the nearby Niger Republic, get a resident/office address there, open a bank account with one of the banks there and use it to open and operate a PayPal legally through Niger. This will be liken to having someone escort you instead of going through the window. What's your take on this?

    • Darlington, I think that's fair. It's a question of conscience. It's harder to do what you said but it's safer. And it keeps your conscience clean.

      Another thing you can do is: if you have a trusted friend or relative in a country on Paypal's whitelist,you can plead with him to open a Paypal account for himself and in HIS OWN NAME. So you can receive your payments through his account and he transfers them to you easily. That's also legal and ethical.

  6. Jide, welldone my oga! I love this article/comments… I have been considering starting FIVERR online opportunity and the thought of PAYPAL discouraged me. But having read this and especially the last comment by Abdullahi, I may consider asking a relative to open one for me if I can use it for payments not withstanding the names differences? Thanks

  7. Dear Darlington and Abdullahi…what is with you and and conscience. Please dont try and guilt-trip Jide in giving up his efforts. Looks like you all are new to the IM (internet marketing) world. The reason paypal restricted Nigerians is bcos they dont want to handle an avalanche of scam and fraudulent transactions synonymous with Nigerians' activity. If a Nigerian can find a workaround to open an account to perform legitimate transactions, he is not goin to be arrested; they wouldnt even notify the authorities, he only stands a chance of losing his accounts. I know some Nigerians operating their accounts seamlessly and withdrawing their money regularly to nigeria. Paypal has a funny way of operating and they can limit ur accout under d slightest pretext – nobody sits 24 hrs monitoring acoount, they just have a system/bot that monitors all activities related to an account and try to minimize customers exposure to fraud……..

  8. ………I have come across so many Americans who operate multiple paypal and ebay accounts even when they are strictly prohibited from doing so. Thats because you can get your account limited for no reason if you start handling a larger amount of money and transactions. But becos they want to do more business without putting all their eggs in one basket, they get more acoounts and spread out their transactions. Lol….Ur analogy about locked doors and national tv doenst make sense. Why would anyone go on tv to tell d the world he has discovered a workaround in a system which he is currently using unless he wants to be paid to reveal it by the company. That wuld be inviting d attention of d company to shut ur acct down. For them its best u keep to urself. Am really surprised at d mentality……..

  9. ……As for locked doors…if ur conscience pricks you…then you have no business doin IM….clickbank lock Nigerians out but hey they still use it even with nigerian ip although they send checks somewhere else to be rerouted home. Those roadblocks are for the purpose of cutting down on scam – they dont have d manpower to resolve issues that will arise. Most times they dont really care. If you can get beyond d obstacles and still operate an account…..successfully and legitimately….then you are worthy to have it.

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