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We Go Walk : the Ultimate Christian Love Song

“We go walk”, the ultimate Christian love song just got dropped fresh from the kitchen by Dr. Paul, Anastasia, and Frank George. It’s already rocking the radio waves. This song combines the lyrical finesse of a good song writer, poetic sophistication and very good musical arrangement. To top it all, is the touch of a good producer who understands how to combine top level talents and voices with good instrumentation.

Dr. Paul is a song writer and Pastor of Christian Worship Centre, Lugbe, Abuja. He is also an officer of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Music is his hobby. He plays the piano, composes and arranges music. He is also a good songwriter and puts poetry into music.

Anastasia is an accomplished vocalist and artiste. She made her entry into the musical scene with a profound debut album, “A Grateful Heart”. This album has been making great waves around the country. She brought her vocal power to bear on “We Go Walk” and this has been noted by many a musical reviewer and critique.  She stands out from the pack and certainly, Nigeria will hear of her very much in the coming days.

Frank George is the artiste who wowed audiences recently with his debut single “I know you love me”. He has a beautiful and distinctive rough rock voice akin to John Stewart, Bono and other rock exponents. He brought this cracky rocky voice to bear on “We Go Walk”, adding strength and vigour to this amazing song. Frank is a gift to the music world.

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