Why I Moved My Websites From Namecheap To

It’s almost 6 years now that I have been hosting some of my websites on Namecheap but I’ve finally taken the bold step of moving the sites away from there to, one of the best web hosting company in the world according to web hosting reviews I’ve read so far online.

I started hosting my sites and that of my clients at Namecheap in 2013 but before then, I was using some Nigerian web hosting companies : theExperthost and Syskay. They were not bad then though.

At Namecheap, I subscribed to the Namecheap reseller hosting plan which make it easy for me to host many websites with each having it’s own cPanel login details. This blog, was even hosted on this same plan when I migrated it from Blogger to WordPress in October 2017. Although, I transfered it to SiteGround hosting after few months.

So, Why Leaving Namecheap Hosting for InterServer?

Honestly, the main reason is SSL related.

Many web hosting companies (including SiteGround, A2Hosting,, Garanntor) now make it easy to migrate from http to https by offering free ssl certificates on their hosting plans, which also auto-renew.

So, I am tired of buying premium SSL certificates for each site I host on Namecheap and it’s even somehow frustrating that the premium ssl certificates can’t be renewed automatically. You know what? If you are offline when your site ssl certificate expires, your site will be messed up till you go through the process of installing a new ssl certificate for your site.

Although there are ways I can integrate free ssl with sites hosted on Namecheap but why will I have to be going through the stress of third-party integration when there are hosts that get it done automatically or with just one click integration.

Besides this, Interserver offers cool affiliate program that allows me to earn up to $100 per active referral.

They’ve got a cool affiliate marketing dashboard where I can track everything and even generate interserver coupons, ad banner and landing pages for my promotions. And I don’t have to apply before I can start promoting Interserver as an affiliate. Namecheap does’t have such platform. The last time I checked, you will have to use third-party platforms if you want to make money from Namecheap affiliate program.

Well, in the long run, after using Interserver for some months or years, I will be able to compare the performance of the web hosting services of both companies and share my Interserver review on this blog.

What’s your take on this??

why i moved from namecheap to interserver web hosting services


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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