Why Natural Latex Mattress Is An ideal Choice?

Mattresses have been around for ages. The pre-historic folks have been using straw, leaves animal skins and horse hair. Mattresses were regarded as important furniture even in those times. With development in every field mattresses too have gone under a lot of changes. Mattress technology has given users variety of synthetic materials.

Why is mattress significant?

People spend 1/3rd of their life sleeping. Improper mattress can cause crick in the neck or low back pain. Just imagine the exhausted mornings due to sleepless nights with turning and tossing. These issues can get reduced with sleeping on an ideal mattress. So to enjoy a good night sleep, it is necessary to have a comfy mattress.

Types of mattresses

Buying a comfy mattress is not difficult but buying BEST is challenging. Sleeping is a necessary activity to keep oneself healthy and renew the body. A good mattress is the one, which is comfy as well as firm enough to support the body properly, while sleeping.

In mattress technology, the materials used to prepare mattresses are foam, latex and visco-elastic. These new mattresses are easy to maintain because you can eliminate the debris that penetrates inside the surface with ease. Due to increase in production and globalization, mattresses have become inexpensive.

natural latex mattress

Why natural LATEX?

Latex is a natural material, which includes unique organic properties anti-bacterial, anti-dust mites and hypo-allergenic. No microbial organisms can survive on this material. Basically, latex is derived from rubber tree sap. It is firm, has more buoyant feel and durable. In addition, it resists to pressing down and so does not form body impressions. Due to its highly elasticity and buoyant qualities, you can roll easily from side to back or side to belly. This prevents disruption in natural sleep patterns.

Users report that sleeping on latex mattress has given them a chance to experience superior comfort level, which cannot be attained with usual inner spring mattress. Due to its pressure equalization property, you can avoid back issues, tossing and turning, and sleep disorders. Enjoy a fantastic sleep every night!

How natural latex is produced?

Sap from a rubber tree called Hevea Brazilensis is used to make natural latex. This rubber tree is cultivated in several tropical areas and Malaysia. A milky white thick liquid is collected in buckets, which seep out from diagonal cut made on rubber tree barks. This milky sap is then processed, emulsified, heated and vulcanized. This liquid sap turns into a flexible and solid form.

Which process gives the best natural latex? 

Two methods are used – Dunlop and Talalay. Both processes are similar but the new method Talalay includes flash freeze step that results in slight soft, less supportive feel. Alternatively, Dunlop process gives a mattress, which is fairly firm and more buoyant in feel than Talalay latex.

Dunlop latex is cheaper than Talalay latex and so you can save money but the preference depends on your needs and budget. You can get the best from both by making combo mattress with Talalay latex as top layer and Dunlop as the core. Thus you get basic comfort and good support with Dunlop and the soft Talalay on top provides a luxurious feel.

Features of natural latex mattresses

  • Durable – Latex lifespan ranges from 12 – 20 years. Its shape and elasticity remains the same, after all these years of usage.
  • Odorless – Pure nature latex comprises of six non-toxic chemicals, which has not displayed unpleasant smell to its users, until now. 
  • Pleasant sleeping experience – Movements of rolling are hardly noticeable because latex has a tendency not to contour strongly, when your partner moves. Therefore the total sleeping experience is very enjoyable in comparison to foam and spring mattresses. 

Visit Mattress Inquirer website to learn the basics, before investing. Therefore take time needed to compare, styles, brands and functions between different models, before paying. Buying a mattress is a huge investment that involves not just money but your health.

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