How To Add "READ MORE" To FEEDS of Blogger Blogs (Free Traffic Trick)

Feeds are a great way to reach a broader audience and keep your loyal readers up-to-date. In fact,  more than a quarter of the traffic to my blog do come from feed readers who have subscribed to my blog either via email or using feed reading applications like GoogleReader etc.

The challenge with feeds of Blogger Blogs is that it’s never been possible to control exactly how much content is delivered. Up until now, the options have been “Short” and “Full”.

Short produces a feed that contains around the first 400 characters of the post, with HTML and images removed. Full produces a feed that contains everything in the post, including HTML and images. But what about those instances where you want to give your users a tastean image or two with some introductory textand then have them visit your blog to see the full post? Well Blogger have launched a third option that lets you do just that using Jump Breaks.

Note: You must be using "Jump breaks" in your blogger posts if you want this new option to work for you. If you do not know how to add Jump Breaks to your blogger posts, read: how to add read more on blogger.

To enable this feature, simply go to the Settings page for your blog, click on Site Feed, and then next to “Allow Blog Feeds”, change the drop-down value to “Until Jump Break”.

That’s it! Next time you write a post and use a jump break, anyone reading the feed either in their email, feed reader of  via Facebook Notes, he/she will get all the content, including images and HTML formatting, up until the jump break (if there’s no jump break, the feed will contain everything).

If readers want to see the full post, they can click the “read more” link and they’ll be directed to your blog. This means you have full control over your feed.  For example, want to include an image for your recipe but not the whole recipe? No problem! Put the image and part of the recipe before the jump break, and that’s all the feed readers will see.


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  1. Caroline12/23/2010

    Another nice feature from Blogger. This is just one of the reasons I still keep using the platform. Will surely help in getting more traffic from facebook...

  2. thanks, this was very useful


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