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    1. Hi guy, are you guys have any of this phone; SPICE M6868, M-6800, Mi-350, Mi-270, Mi410,-Mi310. and what is their prices, I need any two (2) of it.


    3. Jide I just spent a few more minutes looking at your blog. I am impressed by all the ideas to make money online right from Nigeria. Can I hire you to implement some of these ideas and integrate them to my site at Hola back. Gbenga

    4. hey jide, i want you to help me on how i can code my new blog. please i need this tutorial cause am just starting on the net

    5. pls Mr. Jide, how much can I get an ipad with phone accessory probably Samsung galaxy 10. or htc ipad phone.

      I don't know much about this ipad but like to have one and get acquainted with the operations. My number is 08036356120.

      Thank you

    6. Hello Jide,
      I am actually impressed with what i saw on ur site.Its actually interesting as i have always crave to acquire these kinds of skills. Currently i am training on web design and online marketing.Coming across ur site tell me we can do alot together.Keep the good work.Do not apply it negatively as u wl reap & continuing reaping in multiple folds in a shortest possible time.pls get in touch.

    7. Thanks for your tips. The Glo self care portal Icon on my BB has gone off, how can I get it back on my BB screen?

    8. the adsense thing i tried it on several of my web pages, blogs, and seems it doesn't work…..can you enlighten me? furthermore i don't also know how to own a professional site of more so create one

    9. Hi Jide, Please I am trying to purchase a domain name on but it doesn't seem to accept my Naira Mastercard. Is there a way you can help with this? Can you help me purchase the domain name? Please let me know.

      • If you are still been rejected, it means your blog does not meet up with the Adesense guidelines. You must abide by the TOS for your application to be approved.

    10. Please sir, can you help me to install a liberty reserve head-tail game script on my website ? The proposed website will look like ""

    11. Good day boss. i love your book.
      i am having an issue with my adsense. ads are not serving on my pages since 5 days. they said i should request for pin and that i have reached verification threshold. pls, how long does it take for the pin to get to Nigeria and how can i have the adsense running until to pin arrive?
      Has adsense sent the pin already before now or it was until when i requested that they sent it? i asked this bcos i want to know when the six month starts to count.

      • Thanks for loving my book.

        Well, you will have to wait for your PIN to arrive. It should not take more than a month for you to receive it provided your address is very easy to locate.

    12. Which blogging platform do you suggest and advice me to use based on the business function,such as ads,visitor visiting limit,earning process through ref links,many business transaction,cost of usage,maintaince,care,domain package and business articld…WORDPRESS OR BLOGGER? creating a sales page different from selling your product on your site?what are the major description and functionality?
      3,it is posible for person to create a site and apply for google adhence immidialtely?
      4.what are the major areas to focus and concentrate when applying for google adsense?
      5,what is the bad effect of using a free domain and hosting in online business?

    13. Hi,
      Am here with a Vote of THANKS: Your SALLAH OFFER Contents was so valuable and useful. The amount we paid (#2, 500) only, was not enough for the time you took to verify our payments and the detailed email content sent to those who Grab the offer. Thanks and more blessings.

    14. Ur number one fan samson idoko…..bro u av been doing a wonderful job hw I wish I av gotten to dis level of blogging…..I want to create a new blog,I jst nid sum guidelins dat will put me truuu……shld I email u or send u a msg tru facebookkkkk……b4 I 4get re u from benue? Bcos am from kogi state oooooo if u re from benue it means we re brodas ooooo cheers my bro…………God go make u bigger big time

    15. Attention: Hello Jide sir, I followed your instruction and implemented the post ad within my pages. Same ad code I added to appear before posts is the same ad code I added to appear under every posts. But the on that is on top isn't visible while the one under the post is visible. How do I go about this?

    16. mr jide……. pls i will like to learn more about recharge card printing area….. my bb pin is 322baf43. thanks, emmanuel joseph. cheers, i appreciate ur knowledge.

    17. I just stumble upon ur site n am so happy I did, am a blogger, actually was browsing on how incorporate my bland when ur site came up thank you so much and I will bookmark now.

    18. Good day, please i will like to make more inquires on how to print recharge card and how to get connected to the pin agent.

    19. Good day dear Jide, please kindly give me the advantages and disadvantages of samsung galaxy tab 2. (7.0), the current prize and where to get it in Abuja. Thanks, have a nice day.

    20. Good day Jide. I have being trying to create the mobile site of my web site but it is not working. I bought my custom domain name through blogger bcos I was using I have unlocked my domain. Nothing seems to be working since like a week now. Thanks for help in advance.

    21. Bro, i always thinks you are too pompous/proud of yourself, because sometimes when i called you, you don't always pick my call. Not until when i read/go through your contact page, that's when i know that you are such a kind person… Thanks

    22. Sir Jide, I recently sent you a message on your facebook.

      I'm eagerly itching for your reply.

      Plus your blog has greatly inspired and educated me. May God continue to richly bless you.


    23. Please, I am having problem with using Adsense Gadget on my blog and setting my blogger to allow in-line display of adverts, despites having a hosted account with Adsense … the error message it brings every time i try this is "Please correct the error in this form" anytime i try both. and i learnt that the best way to have my adsense display ads on my mobile view is to have any of these two activated… please, kindly assist me ( and I’ll also want my adverts to display in mobile posts, just like yours do, and before the comments, kindly assist please. thanks

    24. Jide please help me o, since I added one css code on my blog to centralise and design the date header, the date has refused to show, it only show on mobile view, while. On the desktop view it shows for some seconds then it disappears. Please sir, help me out…what should I do?

    25. Please Mr Jide,I've been trying as much as i can to generate traffic to my blog but all seems to be no avail.i even try to setup Google ad-word but unfortunately i don't know how to go about it,so all I'm seeking is a help from you,my blog

    26. Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
      Your page has 2 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page.

      None of the above-the-fold content on your page could be rendered without waiting for the following resources to load. Try to defer or asynchronously load blocking resources, or inline the critical portions of those resources directly in the HTML.
      Optimize CSS Delivery of the following:…409279300-widget_css_mobile_2_bundle.css…&zx=a65823f8-44f2-4f11-9a46-43b998f2e733
      Leverage browser caching
      Setting an expiry date or a maximum age in the HTTP headers for static resources instructs the browser to load previously downloaded resources from local disk rather than over the network.
      Leverage browser caching for the following cacheable resources: Is there anyway you can help me Mr Jide

    27. Please Sir, you have help me many times i cannot remember of and i believe you can do it again. Please i need your help on how i can get at least 500 visitors to my blog everyday. ,It may be a good way of promoting my blog or increasing social likes and followers thank you.

    28. Hi Jide,I need your help with my blog. I've google adsense but i dnt knw how to start making money and i need some help technically. On how to link my google analytic,adsense and adwords. I'm really confused, and most times it doesnt help me concentrate on posting(which is basically what i just want to do) cos i'm doing so much research technically.Pls help!

    29. good day Mr. jide ogunsanya, i have been having problem with settung up navigation and adding though i av tried doing it myself but the problem is when i try to click on any of dose tins i av created on the menu bar, the reply is "the page you are trying to open does not exist".
      my blog site is……….i av called your numba but u told me u are driving………pls help me out……waiting for your quick response. u can send me mail@

    30. Hello Sir, I need a Google Adsense with a website, I dont dont if you can help me with that……………..if so what it cost me

    31. good morning my name is adeolu banjo i want to help me to unlock my huawei modem the IMEI:357133038743058 i saw some comment u are really doing a great

    32. i want you to help me unlock my huawei modem my IMEI:357133038743058 you are really doing a nice job God bless

    33. Hi Jide, just found about your blog few moment ago and really appreciate your work. But i may need to meet you but that depend on your availability….. i hope i can call your mobile line?

    34. Please I need you to help me on how to receive western union money transfer online. Because I have been trying it and is showing error message

    35. Hell Mr Jide, good job you are doing. pls sir i have a problem acessing the layout segment of my blog. each time i try it, it showing
      "Error interpreting blog template

      Extra characters at end of string: buf=[#1] remainder=[Musical Download Blog]"

      Every other segment on my blog are working, but when i clicked on that LAYOUT segment, it wont work. pls kindly help me out. Thank Boss. i await your response and solution.

    36. Hi jide, thank you for your write up on "How to put Adsense ads code on your blog. But, i am requesting you to help me on how i can get approved by google adsense on non-hosted, or how i can convert my hosted adsense account to non-hosted.

      Thank you
      Best Regard
      Daniel Gospel

    37. Hello
      Thank you for the write up
      I want to go into recharge card business and I need info.
      I want to start with N50,000 and then in the next two months start with N150,000.
      Can we talk?
      Kindly reply
      Thank you

    38. Pls bros jide hep me. I need a website service that will help me collect e-mail subscription list on my site. Most sites that I know offering this service such as Mailchimp has refused to allow me sign up for it because I don't have a custom domain name. I would like you to recommend a site for me (pls I don't want a site that will charge me for this service). Thanks for your reply in anticipation.

    39. Good Evening Mr Jide…

      I've been trying to apply for Google Adsense for like days now, but all to no avail…

      I haven't gone past the second stage, which is where the website URL is required…

      It keeps telling me "This URL is not available for signing up for Adsense".

      So I did some banned check on the domain name and I discovered that it has never been banned by Adsense or search engines.

      So someone told me to use the "way back machine" to check the history of my domain name, which I did and discovered that someone had already used the domain name around 2008/2009, and most likely to have been approved by Adsense then, which is why the URL is no longer available for me.

      So sir, I need your help on what next to do, because I just bought the domain name last month.

      Your response will be deeply appreciated.


    41. good day sir. please, i need guidelines on how i can make my blog post images sharp in this emporio theme(just like yours). i will be very glad to hear replies

    42. Hello sir, i hope you are good today. Seriously its my first time visiting you blog and i am very impressed. Though i have been hearing of your blog but my first time is today. Please i will love to run ads on your blog. Am a music promoter and i also own a blog Please do get back to me sir. Thank you

    43. Hello Christopher,

      I’ve recently stumbled upon your website and found it pretty captivating. I’m quite familiar with topics usual for your platform and would like to write a piece or two thus making a contribution. Please let me know if it is possible. I would gladly discuss any further details.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!

    44. Please how can i activate my bbnaija channel 198 on dstv. Because I have lost the number I used to register it.

    45. Hello jide have registered for google adsense for my blog but am yet to see it display on my blog pls help me out

    46. Hello Mr Jide pls a friend gave me your site, I really want to register my campany with CAC, he said you have a better way of assisting, that is why am calling for your help.
      thnks and God bless as you regard my request my contact is 08136129915.

    47. Hi jide, I’m impressed and encourage by your site. I want to start an online business for my self and I need your help. Thanks

    48. Pls sir can you teach us how to design a blogger template..
      Many of us out there are struggling with it,,.
      After reading tons of tutorial on HTML CSS and JS we are still confused on where to start pls sir Help us out

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