How To Retrieve Email Addresses Of Feedburner Email Subscriptions

If you have been using the Feedburner Email Subscription services, you might be interested in retrieving the email addresses of your subscribers. This tutorial simply explains how to go about it.

Note: This tutorial is for those that are still using the Old Feedburner Interface.


Login to Your Feedburner account via

Click on your Feed Link

A new page will open, scroll down and click on "See more about your subscribers »"

Another new page will open, scroll down till you see "FeedBurner Email Subscriptions". Click on it

Thereafter, you should see "Manage Your Email Subscriber List" Click on this. You should then see the list of the email addresses.

You can then choose to download it to your PC by clicking on the "Export CSV".

That's all.

In my future posts, I will be talking about the New interface but so far, it seems to be somehow difficult retrieving the emails from the new interface, hence I am not changing to the new interface for now. I will keep you updated though...So, Subscribe Now, if you don't want to miss the updates and other tips.