How To Cash Google Adsense Checks In Nigeria Banks

If you receive International checks from Google Adsense program, Affiliate programs etc, you can cash the International checks in Nigeria provided you are matured enough to operate a bank account.

A friend of mine, Ikenna Odinaka of AfterSchoolAfrica, who is also a member of BloggersLab, has already shared his experience with GTB bank and I will like you to read the post on his blog. In his post, he talked about the entire process to cash your checks/cheques; the procedures, the fees involved and the time requirements.

Basic Facts

1. You will need to open an Euro or Dollar domiciliary bank account preferably with GTB Bank. You will need to deposit your check in the dorm account for it to be verified and cleared.

2. It is easier to open a dorm account with GTB when you already operate a Savings/ Current account with the bank. You do not need to take any money to the bank before the dorm account can be opened for you.

3. GTB Bank will give you a dorm account opening form and 2 Reference forms which 2 different references will have to fill on your behalf.

4. Your references are two people who own an active current account either in Naira, Dollar or any currency who will recommend you to the bank as someone they can trust to maintain a current account (your Dom. Account is a current account).

5. Once you submit your dorm account opening form, together with the 2 references forms, the info provided will be verified by GTB bank and if all goes well, your dorm account will be opened for you.

6. Once your domiciliary account is opened (Reference or no Reference) you can have your Google/affiliate check credited to your account after clearance but without verified references you can not withdraw/ cash your money. That's about how important it is.

I hope this info helps. Feel free to check out Ikenna's post at:  http://www.afterschoolafrica.com/2010/12/how-to-cash-your-google-international.html

Below is a snapshot of one of my Google Adsense checks:

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  1. Anonymous3/01/2011

    thanks for this info Mr Jide...but is it compulsory I use GTB bank and not any other bank?

  2. This is a great information for newbies.

    Learn from the experts.
    For me I have been getting a couple of cheques
    from Google since 2008.

    It's just too lovely. A passive income.

  3. What a nice post,keep it up

  4. Nice one Jide. Thanks for the link.
    @anonymous It's not a must. it's only a recommendation based on experience. If you know of any other bank that can offer you the service you need, nothing stops you from using it.

  5. Quite an insightful post. Like you responded on my comment at Facebook on the same. I can't just wait to have Google Adsense Western Union Quick Payment active in Nigeria. Though the are watching us to put our house in order to unleash more benefits to this region.

  6. nice piece of information


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