How To Create Ebook Cover Online ( Free Ecover Generator )

If you want to be making real money online, just like I do, you should consider writing your own ebooks and offer them for sales on your blog,website, facebook, Twitter etc. If you are a newbie, there are free tools out there which you can use to create your ebook and ebook cover FREE of Charge.

To create your ebook, use Microsoft Word for the compilation and then use PrimoPDF to convert the MsWord document to pdf format ( ebook format). I have already explained this at: http://www.ogbongeblog.com/2010/09/how-to-create-ebook-with-free-software.html

You can create your free ebook cover online with the help of "3d package". This comes handy especially to those who do not know how to use Adobe Photoshop. 3d package is a 3d-box graphic generator. 3d package lets you instantly create 3d-box images online, free! Just upload pictures for cover and sides and then get 3d-box in you favorite image format (JPG, GIF, PNG supported). Post them in your blog or anywhere else.

Go to http://www.3d-pack.com/ to start creating your free ebook cover today and do not forget to check out samples that have been created with 3d package at http://www.3d-pack.com/gallery.php

That's all.

I use Photoshop to create my ecovers and I can help you create lovely ones, for a token. If Interested, just contact me ( Gmail: jideogunsanya).

I hope this info helps.......

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  1. Godwin3/04/2011

    mehhhhhnnn..have been looking for something like this for a while now. Someone told me I have to use paypal to pay for such. Very happy to know aboutb this free generator. its time for me to create ecover for my free browsing manuals. thanks so much Oga Jide. God bless you oo

  2. Hi collegue! I have an which i created months ego and still looking for ways to create the cover. How much do you charge to do the job?

    Please reply

  3. i will charge you based on the type of cover you want. Email me at ogbongz@facebook..com so we can sort this out

  4. Thanks for your good website and for sharing your experiences.
    create free online


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