Pixlr.com Editor: Create Banners and Edit Images Online

Pixlr Editor is an online utility which you can use to create ad banners and edit images online, free of charge. It is a very good Adobe Photoshop alternative, which you can make use of on the internet without having to install it to your computer.

Pixlr Editor is built for both non-professionals and professional users with editing needs such as editing web images to be posted on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, or image sites like Flickr, Fotolog, Photobucket etc.  It is an online image editor built in flash which means you need to have installed flash plugin in your browser to get it to work.

Go to : http://pixlr.com/editor/ to get started now.

If you want to create a 125 x 125 banner, click on "Create a new image" ,set the size ( e.g Height =125, width =125) and use your creativity to design the banner.

In my future posts, I will share with you how to create a 125x125 ad banner using the Pixlr Editor. You can always check out the Pixlr.com blog for tips and updates.

If you know other web apps or softwares similar to the Pixlr editor, feel free to share them using the comment form below.



  1. Thanks for this information bro, I have seen its even easier than banner fans.

  2. Anonymous1/07/2013

    I dnt understand


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