How To Create Custom 404 Page for Blogspot Blog

The ability to add a custom “Page Not Found” (eg. a “404”) message to your blog, is one of the new features recently introduced into Blogger blogs. A Customized 404 page allows you to easily guide your blog readers on how to navigate or link back to your blog should in case the blog reader navigates to a broken link on your blog or to a page that is temporarily down.

By default, your Blogger Error page will display this error message below:

Now, that it can be customized, I have edited mine. You can see what my error page looks like here.  The customized 404 page of my blog, as at the time of publishing this post is shown below:

You can also customize your blog's 404 page via the Blogger settings.

==> Log in to your Blogger dashboard (Ensure you are using the new Blogger dashboard)
==> Go to Settings > Search preferences > Custom Page not Found.
==> Click Edit to open the text box. Type what you would like to appear on the page, then click Save changes.

You can use simple HTML or CSS (if your template has a style file loaded), if you want to get more creative than using standard text. Below is a simple creativity using basic html.

That's all.

If you need more help, feel free to use  the comment form.



  1. Charles3/25/2012

    Thanks for the tip, especially the html code sample in the picture above. I will create mine asap

  2. thanks for this post, may God continue to bless you. Amin

  3. Thanks for this post boss


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