Scorecard in Adsense Dashboard Lets You Understand and Improve Your Site Performance

Google has announced in a post on Google’s Inside AdSense blog, the introduction of a new benchmarking feature called "scorecard" which can be found on the "Home" tab of Adsense accounts. According to Google, it will provide Adsense publishers with a summary of how well their content, ad settings and pages are performing, compared to those of other AdSense publishers.

The scorecard is organized into three categories: revenue optimization, site health and Google+, each of which can be scored on a scale of one to five blue dots. A lower score in a category means that you have potential areas for improvement.

Below is a what Adsense scorecard looks like:

The scorecard categories are made up of one or more items. For example, if you expand the “Site Health” category, you’ll see that it contains the “Page speed performance” item. Each item might be flagged by a green, a red or yellow exclamation mark. Green check-mark indicates excellent; yellow exclamation mark indicates "improvements suggested" while red exclamation marks indicates that the flagged item needs improvement.

Google encourages Adsense publishers to address any item that they see with a red or yellow exclamation mark, as fixing them may help to increase traffic and/or revenue. For help with fixing an item, publishers are expected to expand the item by clicking its right arrow which will open up the item description and a link to either fix the issue or learn more about it.

As Google notes, the company won’t take any action and punish a site that has a low score in any of these three areas and scores will be computed daily, though it might be several days before the effect of a change made by a publisher will reflect in the publisher's score.

Have you checked your scorecard? What's your performance like?


  1. Anonymous6/20/2013

    I really like this new addition. I can now see alot of things to work on as regards my optimization. Nice one there

  2. makes sense

  3. How do i fixed my site error?


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