APN Settings of Airtel Nigeria for Android, iPad, iPhone, Nokia and PC

Without Airtel APN settings well configured on your device, be it 3G modem, iPhone, iPad or Android device, you will not be able to connect to the internet using the Airtel Nigeria network even if you've subscribed to Airtel data plan. Even lately, some guys are using the zain APN (similar to Airtel APN) to browse with BB subscription on their Android. 

The Airtel mobile internet settings can be pushed to your mobile phone automatically after which you can get connected to the internet with Airtel 3.75G  network if you save it as your default settings.

Code To Get Airtel Configuration Settings Via SMS

If you are wondering how you can request for Airtel automatic internet configuration settings on your phone, you can try sending “internet phonebrand model' to 232 eg "internet Nokia 210" to receive your settings via SMS. Typically, once you insert the Airtel SIM, the settings are automatically configured.

However, a need to configure manually might occur if your device can't receive Airtel automatic settings. This varies from device to device but the parameters remain the same irrespective of your device.

logo of Airtel Nigeria

For manual configuration of your device with Airtel settings, use the info below:

Airtel Internet Browsing Settings

--> Account Name: Airtel Nigeria
--> Username: Please leave blank
--> Password: Please leave blank
--> Access Point Name (APN): internet.ng.airtel.com
--> Home Page: www.ng.airtel.com

Zain APN

APN : internet.ng.zain.com
Username: internet
Password: internet

That's all.

You can learn how to configure Android phones with Airtel internet settings here.

Hope it works for you.


Tobi said…
Thanks Jide but can is it the Airtel or zain apn that will make me use Airtel bis to browse on my tecno android n3?
Jide Ogunsanya said…
A friend of mine is currently using the zain apn on his tecno d5 and he is browsing with the airtel bis on it. So, try the zain apn