Buy US iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria at Quickteller With ATM Card

Looking for where to buy US iTunes gift cards in Nigeria? Well, you can now buy your iTunes Gift Cards on Quickteller with your Nigerian debit ATM card and start downloading apps from the iTunes US store immediately. Quickteller has partnered with iCadia, to make this possible. 

This simply means you can now easily create and fund US iTunes account in Nigeria using your Nigerian Visa or Mastercard. A US iTunes account allows you to download apps that are not available in Nigerian app store from the US App store. As at the time of publishing this post, they have PlayStation network cards (US) $10 for N3,000; $10 US iTunes Gift Cards for N4,200 and $15 US iTunes Gift Cards for N5,050.

How To Buy US iTunes Card at QuickTeller.com

==> Log in to www.quickteller.com. Sign up for an account if you don't have one.

==> Go to : https://www.quickteller.com/icadia

==> Click on the "select an option" dropdown box and select the type of card you want to purchase. 

==> Enter your phone number and email address in the spaces provided and click "continue"


==> Click "Pay" on the confirmation page. You will be redirected to the payment page where you can enter details of your ATM card.

That's all.

You can follow iCadia on Twitter and connect with them on Facebook if you have issues with your orders.

Do you know other Nigerian sites where you can pay Naira to buy US iTunes gift cards? Pls, let me hear from you via comments.

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  1. Bukola1/10/2014

    Wow! This cool. I've been needing this all this while. Thx Jide.

  2. Anonymous1/10/2014

    It's OK but too expensive joor. Haba, 4200naira for 10 dollars. kilode?

  3. its too expensive jor. Which kind life

  4. That price above is outrageous, if you need US iTunes and App Store gift card any denomination you can get it cheaper ( 200 naira per $1 i.e $10 = 2, 000) by calling 08135930960 or simply use the contact us page here http://richiebankz.com/contact-us/

  5. That is veru expensive!

    You can buy iTunes Gift card at the best prices possible with peace of mind. Pay via bank transfer or cash, whichever suites you.

    $10 iTunes Gift card ==> NGN3,300
    $15 iTunes Gift Card ==> NGN4,400
    $20 iTunes Gift Card ==> NGN5,500
    $25 iTunes Gift Card ==> NGN6,600

    Note: The iTunes Gift cards work only on US store registered iTunes account. You must have registered your iTunes account as a US one.

    email itunescard@urbizedge.com or call 08089382423

  6. You can purchase US and UK iTunes Gift Card/Certificate from the belleStoreInc Online Store via https://store.bellestoreinc.com/itunes-gift-card

  7. How can i convert my ITunes gift card to cash in my Nigeria account.. Kindly wait for you reply admin..

  8. I need itunes card. Is it available? 08061177867.

  9. What if i want to sell the card ?


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