How To Change Your Google Adsense Bank Account Details

When adding your bank account to your Google Adsense account for wire transfer payments, it's essential that your bank account information is entered correctly as payouts will be issued to the bank account on file.

Should you notice that the information entered is incorrect, please review your payment details and add a new bank account as soon as possible because a payout cannot be re-issued if the funds reach a valid bank account. Although, if the bank rejects the payout, the funds will be returned to your account.

Google Adsense money

To protect the privacy and security of your banking information, AdSense Support does not have access to edit or remove the information that you've entered.

To provide the correct information, you must add a new bank account by clicking Payments in the left navigation and visiting your Payment settings page. Right there, you can add the new bank account but ensure you set it as the primary form of payment (Very Important).

GTBank-Adsense settings

That's all.

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  1. Anonymous4/25/2014

    Cool. Might be useful someday. Thanks

  2. Anonymous4/26/2014

    Thank you sr Jide.... There is one i read about from NaijaNewz... I tried it but it dosn't work for me.... Thank u!!!!

    1. Glad mine works!!! :) Have fun!

  3. Anonymous4/26/2014


  4. I will try it, because I have been searching for this. Visit for inspirations.

  5. Noted... Until when i got adsense.

  6. Hey Boss Jide, i actually entered my Gtb naira savings account details on my payment settings, i got a call from my account officer last week to come and open my dorm. account within the next 24 hours but i was unable to complete the process within the stated period so i asked them to return it to the sender, Do you think the money will be returned to my adsense account before the next pay-out day? Thanks

    1. Yes, you should get your money back in your Adsense account if GTBank fails to credit your account. If not, there is way you can contact Adsense to lodge your complaint

  7. Anonymous5/02/2014

    Baba Ogbonge, good day to you, infact, it's a great job you are doing here, may God be with you.
    Please I want you to please check and advice me on my blog And my other probles is on issue of adsense, I had been trying for long but I'd never been approved pls let me know of a better adsense programme that I could make use of.
    Thanks and God bless you.

  8. Please jide let me assume i used Facts Ng as my name on my adsense account, can i add another name(E.g Tom Dennis) on the payment option?

    Please i await your reply...

  9. thnak you for sharing it very useful to my blog


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