AdAfri Lets Advertisers and Publishers Buy and Sell Ad Space Respectively

Today, I am introducing to you, AdAfri.com; a website that has emerged with an objective of making ad buying and selling easier for publishers (website owners and bloggers), and advertisers in the emerging countries in Africa and other parts of the world.

At the online advertising marketplace, publishers can post their ad inventory (ad space banners of different dimension) for sale. The advertisers come to this marketplace to buy the publishers ad inventory or ad placement (aka ad zones).

On the buying end, adAfri allows advertisers to search through the Premium publishers and the publishers list to find the Ads they are interested in purchasing. They can also search using categories or countries. Advertisers are prompted to upload their creatives (ad banners) after clicking the "purchase' button.

Thereafter, an advertiser will have to pay for the campaign through Vogue pay secure server or direct bank deposit. Once payment is confirmed and ad is approved, it will start showing on publisher website.

AdAfri offers analytics dashboard that tracks and shows advertisers their ad campaigns clicks and impressions. AdAfri pays a publisher after the 30 days when a promoted ad campaign has ended; a security measure to protect advertisers.

On the selling end, once the site of a publisher (website owner or blogger) is approved after submission, the publisher can go ahead to post ad zones (advertising spaces) for sale in adAfri marketplace with their prices.

As a publisher, after submitting your ad zone, you place the advertising code in the place where you want the advert to show on your website. Advertisers will find your ad zones in AdAfri marketplace and on the pages of your site to purchase them. Adfri automatically posts the advetisers ads to your site once the payment is processed and ad placement is approved by you.

Publishers don't upload ad banners nor handle billing. They don’t need to remind advertisers that their ad is about to expire. AdAfri handles all that and takes 15% off the top for the services. So, if you sell an ad for N10,000, you receive N8,500.

AdAfri pays all publishers through VoguePay or local bank account on the 29th of every month provided they meet the payout amount. The payout amount is 5000 Naira or $40.

AdAfri doesn't charge publishers until they sell, so it is free to post or list ad space(Ad zones or Ad inventory) in the marketplace. AdAfri also design ad banners for those advertisers who need banners for their adverts.

You can go to www.adAfri.com to get started now.

After you sign up and submit your site for approval, ensure you add the verification code to the "head" part of your site html. Important!

What's your take on this ?

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  1. Sounds like BSA alternative for Nigerians. Will sign up asap once on PC. Thx for sharing Jide

  2. Africa web marketers are really stepping up this time to online ads program but i want to believe this site wont fail like the existing ones that promised so much and never pay promptly.

    1. Time will tell. Let's hope for the best though...

  3. It is worth trying. Sound interesting.

  4. Hello Jide,

    The experience with Nigerian ad companies and affiliate programs alike has never being a pleasant one. It is my sincere belief that Ad Afri would be an exception.

    Till then, we watch patiently...


  5. I had signed up for an Account with them, my question is, "So far after you started offering your Ad spaces to them have you gotten any Offer from an Advertiser yet?"

  6. Jide wat do u mean add the verification code to HTML head? How can I do it?


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