Adds New Themes For Users To Choose From

The popular free blogging platform, has announced the addition of four blog themes to the default blogger templates that Blogger users can choose from. Each theme comes in a variety of colors, is fully customizable and can be added to your blogger/blogspot blog with just a few clicks.

The new Blogger themes aren’t just designed to look great, they’re designed to work great too. Each one has been built to automatically adjust to any screen and load quickly, so you can rest assured that your readers will be able to easily see your work whether they’re on a computer, phone or tablet.

The names of the new themes are : Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable.

You can check out live demo of the new Emporio theme at

Here’s a quick look at the new designs:

Contempo Blogger Theme

As good for a photo as it is for a story, Contempo puts a fresh, modern spin on life’s many adventures.

contempro responsive blogger theme

Soho Blogger Theme

Spare and simple, Soho is a gallery built to showcase your latest photos, designs or musings in their best light.


soho responsive blogger theme

Emporio Blogger Theme

From projects to objects, Emporio can take any array of posts and display them in a neat and tidy way.

emporio responsive blogger theme

You can check out Emporio theme tutorials.

Notable Blogger Theme

Whether you’re feeling pithy or profuse, Notable is your notepad for scribbles, stories, and so much more.

notable responsive blogger theme

If you want to try one of the new Blogger themes for your Blogspot blog, visit your blog dashboard and select the “Theme” tab. Right there, you will be able to select one of the new themes, preview and apply to your blog.

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You can share feedback with Blogger at Blogger forum, or on Twitter @Blogger and with #gHelp and #BloggerStyle.

Let me know what you think about these new responsive themes for Blogger blogs.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here.


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  1. Thanks for the information. I noticed that when i wanted to publish a post in my blog today but skipped that since am using custom templete

    Check out this blogger templete

  2. I also noticed the new theme pop-up when i wanted to publish some posts this morning, its a nice improvement on blogger platform. Well, am commenting From Naijalads.COM.NG You can check it out and see as my own customized theme is.

  3. I was impressed with this blogger's new development on theme. But i am just comfortable with the template am using for now. commenting from . JIDE YOU ARE THE BOSS, CONTINUE WITH YOUR GOOD WORK.

  4. So I really like the Soho template aside from the Layout. Can anyone share with me how I could adjust it to make the whole template centered ? In my own template ( ) I am able to adjust widths of columns and adjust the layout through the Theme Designer.

    In the new template that function seems to be removed. Thanks

  5. I also got the notification this afternoon when I login into my blogger accoun. The theme looks awesome and beautiful.
    Am gonna soon make use of it on my blog

  6. I've not really tried any one of these new themes out. Maybe on my test blog during my free period.

    Besides I don't think I can change to any template now. I don't wanna go through stress of customisation again.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing. It should help newbie bloggers

  7. i love the themes mainly because some are in grid form instead of the usual list form. Is there a way to make a custom template where the homepage would be in list form and the labels would be in grid form. A lot of people like myself would love that.

  8. Is there any way to remove that new "powered by blogger" stuff in footer? It's possible in other themes but doing this in new themes is quite a pain in a**. Thank You.

  9. Please, am a bit skeptical on changing themes since am new to blogger. My fear is that if i change to a new theme now, i will start customization again from the scratch the same way i did for my current theme. Is that not how it works?
    Need assistance badly for my Health blog

  10. Hi
    Earlier i was on simple theme for my blog.later i changed it to notable.but the side bars which i had on both sides in simple theme are gone now.there is no layout in theme generator of notable. is there any way i can have sidebars on both sides with notable theme?

    I am new in blogging. still learning. Do visit my blog and give feedback.

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