INEC Voters Card Verification Portal Lets You Check Your PVC Status Online

Before you go to your polling unit to cast your vote in the upcoming elections in Nigeria, it is highly recommended you make use of the online INEC voters card verification portal to check the status of your pvc. The INEC online portal will also let you check your voters identification number (VIN).

Checking your voter’s status is very important because without a valid voters card, you will not be accredited and allowed to vote during an election in Nigeria. The card identifies you as a registered voter. Thus your name can be checked easily by the Presiding Officer or his Assistant during the accreditation exercise.

How To Use INEC Voters Registration Status Checker

Enter in your web browser and you will see the INEC form.

inec voters registration verification portal


  • Select your state of residence (where you registered)
  • Enter your surname
  • Enter your VIN or date of birth
  • Click “Search”

If valid, your details including pvc vin, polling unit will be displayed.

NB : If you have lost the temporary voters card (i.e the paper print version) you can use your date of birth for the verification.

How To Get PVC in Nigeria

You can get your permanent voters card in Nigeria at the INEC office in your local government.

If you’ve not registered before, if you have lost or damaged your PVC or if you have relocated from where you registered before, you should also visit the INEC office to get registered, to replace your PVC & transfer your registration to your new location.

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Addresses of INEC Offices in Nigeria

You can pick up your PVC card from the INEC Local Government Office for the area you registered as a voter. You can check out the directory of INEC offices in Nigeria.

RecommendedPermanent Voters Card ( PVC ) Pickup Location Finder

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  1. Please i have registered pvc during the 2015 election, i lost the card, and i went ahead and registered for the new one this year 2018, i can’t even check my status online, so will be permited to participate in election,? And will the new pvc be valid? Please i am confused, i need your help

  2. i have checked and confirmed that my registration before the 2015 election was done, i have the temporary card, but i cant find the permanent voters card where i did my registration. can i do another registration or my temporary card will still be valid.
    thank you.

  3. i just checked my registration status now, but my data could not be found. i registered in 2011 and was given a temporary card. Can i go ahead with the new registration

  4. I have my permanent voter’s card and have used it but my date of birth was not correct, will i just correct it or go ahead with new registration and will it be possible for me to corrrect it online

  5. i just checked my registration status now, but my data could not be found. i registered in 2017 and was given a temporary card. please what can i do, should i go and register again?

  6. Please i have registered pvc in Ondo state but am no more live in Ondo state again but i have registered another one in oyo state, that was on April 24,2017 i can’t even check my status online, And will the new pvc be valid? Please i am confused, i need your help

  7. Please i have registered pvc in Ondo state but am no more live in Ondo state again but i have registered another one in oyo state, that was on April 24,2017. When I checked the one registered in oyo state it has not been done. Please what can I do because am living in oyo state now and am need the pvc in order to eligible to vote

  8. I registered in the first exercise in 2011. During collection , my card was discovered not to have been printed prior to 2015 Election. I was asked at INEC office last August (2017) to fill a form for printing since I have my temporary voters; card (since 2011). They said I should wait till February, getting there for collection, they said May, it will be ready from Abuja, Now back at INEC in May, they said it will be in September, that only those who registered newly were printed. What is going on?

  9. Good morning sir/ma, please my name is Adejare Olayinka A I registered with and secured a temporary voters card in gombi adamawa state but I misplaced the card and I have relocated to ibadan in Oyo state please help out

  10. sir/ma,pls when are you confirm my voter’s card since January 18 2018, because i want to use it on bank they said is not confirm,pls find something to it

  11. On behalf of myself and entire respective Nigerians, we call in respect to the PVC office for the extension of date line of PVC’s registration nation-wide. Thanks.

  12. I registered since Nov,2014 and still have the temporary voter card issued to me since then, will it still be valid for use to obtain my permanent voter card now in 2019?

  13. pls i registered 2018 and i was given the temporal card which am to back with in order to get the original card but unfortunately i lost the temporal card pls what do i do cos i really need the PVC

  14. Comment*please I have registered my PVC during the 2015 election but mistake of wrong name and date of birth was made, please can it be corrected. thanks

  15. I just went to pick my PVC and realized that the information on the card is correct but the picture is not mine. Then i went ahead to check my data base on your platform and alas, it cant be found.
    -i had a PVC that got missing and this is just a renewal.
    -prior to now, my data base was sitting pretty with all my correct details, on your platform because that was were i got the information to fill the form i submitted for this new PVC.
    Please how can this be corrected?

  16. i registered voters card since 2017 at FCT but when i go there to collect it, i was told that is not ready yet and i don’t know what to do now.

  17. I av been registered for pvc since 2011 Yet to collect it….. Up till now, i saw my name on board Dat my pvc is ready, I go to my LG severals times giving me stories upon stories, plz kindly assist me to send my pvc card to my LGA today for collection, I am waiting for your responding, Thanks

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