How I Buy at Amazon Store and Ship to Nigeria

Update: We now offer Amazon hipping to Nigeria services. Click here for more info.

I have had a lot of people ask me to explain how I manage to buy stuff from Amazon shops from Nigeria. The difficulty in buying from Amazon in Nigeria stems from the fact that Amazon is selective of items they ship to Nigeria.

I overcome these difficulty by getting  a USA address for free and use it as my shipping address on my Amazon profile – more on that in later.

I like shopping on Amazon because it is by far cheaper, convenient, and I can get whatever I want from the comfort of my home and get it delivered to me within 2-3 weeks. Getting a free USA address for shipping your Amazon items to Nigeria is as easy as using the Post Office Box of a friend to receive your mails.

The need for the USA address, as I earlier remarked, stems from the fact that Amazon is selective of  purchased items been shipped to Nigeria. (There are some items they won’t ship to Nigeria).

Let me draw an analogy of how the USA address system will work for the Amazon shopping and then continue to spell out how you can acquire your own address without fuss.

Just imagine Jide Ogunsanya as a shipping company with a P.O box in Benue State and has allowed me, Ebipade Enienghan, who live in Port Harcourt to use this address to accept my mails. I have registered with his shipping company so they have my Port Harcourt address details in their data base which becomes a forwarding address.

So whenever I make payments for goods in Benue, I use his shipping company’s address (P.O box) so the sellers send to the shipping company who receives and looks at their data base and forward same to me in Port Harcourt.

Now the use of the shipper’s address is free but shipping is not. The shipping will have their price and for international shipping it is charged mainly per pound weight or per kilogram weight. I currently pay 4 dollars per pound weight to ship from US to Lagos.

So How Do I Get Free US Address?

There are several shipping companies operating cargo services in Nigeria. My first advice is to approach the one you are familiar with or already have dealings with.

For me, I use Hont Global Services ( I have not tried any other. I really don’t think I need to look for another because I have found my shipping company very reliable. You can check their contact page and write to them. When they accept to have you onboard, they will send you a registration form to complete. Basically it is about your identity and forwarding address that are needed.

Once you have returned the completed form you will be created in their data base and you are ready to shop from Amazon or any other online shop for that matter with your Visa card.

Remember, you will have to pay for shipping and international shipping is charged mainly per pound weight or per kilogram weight.

With this post of mine, I believe you will now find it easy to buy books online from Amazon store and even buy your Amazon Kindle and get it delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria. So go get your USA address and Visa card ready because next in this series I will show you how to use this address in your Amazon profile as well as the procedure I used to buy my Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector.


This is a guest post by Ebipade Enienghan You can send him a friend request on facebook at
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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Hello Jide,
    Its not true that Amazon does not ship directly to Nigeria. I have purchased a lot of stuff using my GTBank Visa card which is dollar denominated and it was shipped to my house through the courier I chose. However I suspect that Amazon does not accept the GTBank Naira card, cos I had a client who could not make payment with it so I advocate that one could use the GTBank USD Visa Card and it would be shipped to Nigeria

    • Yes it has been confirmed that some items can be shipped directly to Nigeria but NOT ALL, hence using the service of a shipper like Hont Global Services will really make it possible for one to get any item from the Amazon store even if Amazon can't ship it directly to Nigeria.

    • I think it is a nice idea to contact them. Pay4me services dictate the exchange rate at which they are paying for you and most times I have found about 2 to 4 naira differential in exchange rate.

      Their shipping rates are also more expensive, typically 5 to 6 dollars per pound weight. With Hont Global you sure will get good rates and delivery is between 2-3 weeks which is acceptable to me,

  2. They sent me a form and in a section, I saw a space for a foreign company. I don't have a foreign company. Am I to leave it blank? Also, I live in kaduna, so when my package gets to Lagos, who is going to deliver it to kaduna? Is it Nigerian postal service or the shipping companies affiliates? I'm asking this because I know you have experience with them.

  3. Good morning Mr jide oguns
    Can I get to talk to you through the phone .
    I need us to talk about something please
    Thank you sir as I await your response
    08183567767 thank you sir

  4. Good morning Mr Jide, I want to buy some books from Amazon and I don’t know if it will shipped to Nigeria postal service or maybe it can be shipped to my house address.

  5. How do you buy at a cheaper dollar to naira rate the way some guys do a. Is there a way I Can personally do that from my home in lagos then ship

  6. Chiedu, July 11, 2018 at 10:33 pm
    Please I want to buy image drum for my MFP 176 Laser Jet Printer Color. I want also to inquire if it is possible to purchase automobiles online?
    My bank is Heritage Bank and I reside in Enugu. Please tell me how to go about the procurement and shipment to Nigeria.

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