How To Share Glo Internet Subscriptions With Other Glo SIMs Without Networking

Globacom Nigeria now has a provision for Glo HSI subscribers to share their Glo data plans at the beginning of subscription or while it is in use. Right now, I use the same glo subscription on my laptop, iPad and smartphones without having to subscribe separately on each device.  In this post, I am explaining how I shared my Always Max bundle across my devices.

There are no separate HSI plans for sharing but only five plans are share-able at the moment: Always MaxAlways MinSilverGold and Platinum.

How To Get Started

==> Connect to the internet and go to the Glo HSI page at

==> Click on the “share it” button as seen in the picture above

==> Enter the Glo mobile number you wish to share the plan with, in the “Add Mobile Number” box (use the format 080xxxxxxx) and click the + sign as illustrated in the picture above

==> You will see a pop-up window, asking you confirm the sharing

==> Click “Yes” to confirm. Both the owner and the sharer will be notified about the sharing via text messages.

==> A list of MSISDNs sharing the plans updated and displayed as seen in the picture below.

If you want to stop sharing with a sharer, just click on the X icon next to the MSISDN of the sharer.

That’s all.

The sharers can now start browsing the internet without personally subscribing to a Glo data plan.

How To Check Status of Sharing

==> Click on “settings” on the right-hand corner of the HSI page

==> Scroll down to the bottom left hand side.

==> Click on the “shared plans” tab. Right there, you can view your plan and sharing status.

How Do I check My Remaining data bundle?

View on HSI portal; text “info” to 127 or dial 1270#

I hope this helps.

What’s your take on this? Please, let me hear from you.

NOTE: The Glo HSI sharing is only possible at the moment using the HIS portal, and only Always Min and above can be shared.

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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  1. Nice one from Glo but can I also allocate a particular data volume to a recipient or the person can use from my data bundle as long as it remains active?

    • The person you share your subscription with can use up even ALL your volume. You cannot set limits but you can monitor the usage of the sharer on the HSI page as explained in the post. You can also remove the person anytime you want to stop him/her from sharing your data plan.

  2. Thanks mr ogbonge, that is y I voted for and other guys. I find it difficult to open the, Y na? I have been trying the portal but none opened on two different devices

    • It is obvious you don't know what am talking about. Well, Glo has different APNs. If you want to use glo data plans, you must use "gloflat" as the apn and if you want glo to be deducting your airtime whenever you connect to the internet, you will have to use "glosecure" as the apn.

      The "glosecure" is glo's default apn. Hence, if you request for Glo Internet settings by texting "internet" to 1234, the glosecure apn settings get pushed to your phone.

      The glo HSI portal is where you can buy and share data plans. Hence, you need to set the default APN of your phone to "gloflat" if you want to use the HSI page.

    • I know about glosecure and gloflat. Right now i'm browsing on my laptop via my Samsung Android Hotspot, and i'm on Always Max using gloflat, still the hsi portal is not opening.

      To the best of my knowledge webmasters don't built sites to only open using a specific APN.

  3. The problem could be due to authentication protocol apn is authenticated by user names and pass words if you use gloflat as apn the u/n must be flat & p/w flat then consider the server auth. which must be p.a.p as against c.h.a.p

  4. Pls I heard one can share the same bb data plans with a laptop without paying using the bb mobile hotspot or the new theter sofwatre but av tried it with etisalat its deducting ma money can u help me out cos I can't afford to be payn 5k fr laptop n another 1.5 fr mobile is there any network besides airtel that supporst tethering n mobile hotspots?? Thanks and pls get back to me sir …weste

  5. Whilst this sharing initiative introduced by Glo is very commendable like most of their other Firsts, i do have to mention that restricting it to plans above a certain amount of subscription value (and of course the 5k + ones) is an anticlimax. It makes Glo customers who r not so well to do feel "discriminated" against wouldnt you agree. Anyways Kudos to them for giving a starving child bread to eat all be it rotten, where other networks have refused to do so.

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