How to Upload CV for Better Online Job Search

This is a guest post compiled by Paul Eze. 

Several years back job search consisted mostly of reading the daily newspapers and sending ones applications through the post office. Later when the email became widely used applicants were required most times to send their applications to a particular email address.

However in today’s world the internet has made job search a bit easier. Apart from searching for latest jobs on top job sites in Nigeria, one way you can enhance your chances of getting job opportunities online is to upload your CV to job sites where they can get exposure and be found by recruiters who may be searching for individuals with a particular set of skills and experience.

In this article, i will be using to explain how to upload your CV for better online job search.

How to Upload Your CV or Create a CV Profile on Ngcareers

When you visit, click on “Upload Your CV” on the top right corner of the homepage.

It will take you to a log in or registration page (for job seekers that are not yet registered on the site).

Quickly sign or complete your registration to see the Online CV dashboard where you simply enter your details into an already created CV format.

Within 2 minutes you have an excellent CV you can even download for your offline use.

Uploading CVs and Applying to jobs on Ngcareers is totally FREE.

Applying to Jobs Using Your CV

To apply to jobs on Ngcareers using your CV, you simply click on the “Apply Now” button at the end of the particular job and you can click on the “Browse” button to attach your CV and send your application stress free.

Why Upload Your CV Online or Create an Online CV?

Creating an online CV or uploading your CV online will help you get found by employers who search the CV database of best job sites for prospective employees with the rights skills and experience. If your CV matches any of the searches you could be invited for interviews.

I hope this helps.

Have questions or contributions, kindly relay them via comments.

This post was written by Paul Eze. He is the Co-Founder of Ngcareers; a top job search and career site in Nigeria that publishes latest verified jobs. Follow @Ngcareers.
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  1. @Kolade You can only use the CV if you have it saved somewhere maybe in your email where you can open and attach to your application. However Ngcareers is working on making it possible for you to use your Ngcareers CV in many ways. thanks for reading though

  2. Johnson online application is enabled on Ngcareers where you create your profile and apply to any job of your interest by just clicking the apply button. You no longer need to attach any CV since your profile is stored on Ngcareers. You just update your CV profile anytime you have a new skill or qualification

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