MultiMessenger For Chatting On Mobile Phone:ShMessenger

texting Have you ever wonder if you can have an application which you can use for chatting on your mobile phone?. Wonder No More because, ShMessenger will do the magic for you.

ShMessenger is a mobile phone application that enables you to chat on your mobile phone as if you are chatting on your computer. I love this application so much that I see it worthy to be recommended to anyone who loves to chat using his/her mobile phone.

What I love more about the application is the fact that you can login different yahoo accounts at a time and chat with any of your friends available on any of the yahoo id you logged in to. Moreso, it supports many email accounts i.e, you can add your AIM,YAHOO,MSN etc all into the ShMessenger. With it, you can even buzz your friend while chatting. Even with little bucks on your phone, you will be surprised by how long you will be able to chat.

Other Features summary:
– Internet and WAP supported
– Smileys
– Buddy icons
– Status change
– Display image upload
– Themes
– Sounds
– and many others…

So, How Do I Get It?
You can download it FREE OF CHARGE.
To Download it with your computer, go to
Click download to get the suitable version for your phone. After downloading it, you can then transfer it to your phone either with your data cable or with your bluetooth device.

Then, Register a new account on the website. After registration, check your email inbox for activation message. Take note of your account details because they will be needed by the time you will want to use the application on your phone.

Can I Download It Directly From My Phone?
Yes, you can. To download the application directly from your phone, launch your phone’s web/wap browser and go to
More so, you can use your mobile google search to search for it.
Click download to get the suitable version for your phone. Then, Register a new account on the wapsite as explained above.

NOTE: For you to be able to download it on your phone, ensure you have some bucks on the phone unless you want to download it with a free browsing cheat.
In my future posts, I will be writing about more free applications you will love to have on your mobile phones and on your PC.

So, for you not to miss those and and also my future free Ebooks, freebies, articles and be getting them right inside your email inbox even when you are not on the internet, kindly go to and enter your email. Once entered, you will have to check your email for a confirmation email containing a confirmation link. Once you verify your email by clicking on the confirmation link in the message, YOU WILL NEVER MISS MY FUTURE ARTICLES AND FREEBIES AGAIN.

Cheers !!!.

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