4 Ways To Avoid Common Typos/Grammatical Errors In A Blog Post

Why would someone publish a post to promote a product, business, blog or website that is filled with common typos/grammatical errors? Why not take your time to prepare a post that will be free of common typos/grammatical errors. The methods that would be shared in this post will focus on how to reduce or prevent common typos/grammatical errors in posts of a blog or website.

Most of these methods are what you may likely know but you have refused to utilize. Just imagine writing an application letter or proposal and you don’t edit it before submitting….that may be a disaster. Why do newspaper companies have an editor(s) on their payroll? It just explains the fact that common typos/grammatical errors are not good in your post for your online presence. Let’s proceed to the methods that can help you put these common typos/grammatical errors behind bars.


1. Write with a pen: More than half of the contents I have on my Internet Investment Ideas blog are first written down with pen on a paper including this one you are reading. This will help to reduce grammatical errors in your post or articles and it works great. After writing a sentence, immediately go back to the beginning and read to the end. Don’t be surprise that ideas will come again that you will add to what you might have written.

 2. Get someone to edit: This method can also reduce the common typos/grammatical error in a post but I must admit that it is a bit difficult to achieve because it is not everytime that you will have someone around you. What I do is that I leave what I have written where my wife or someone else would easily see and read through. What you couldn’t see might not escape the second person.

 3. Use of Microsoft word spell check formatting tool: Common typos/grammatical errors are easy to commit when typing and most often difficult to discover. This is where this formatting tool “Spell Check” can be important. A lot of bloggers on Blogger blogs have the formatting tool i.e. “Spell check” on Blogger post editor but they don’t utilize it. Spell checking is one mistake that must not be made while preparing a post or article and should be seen as one of the important steps of preparing a content that will be free of common typos/grammatical errors. You can use the spell check on both Microsoft word and Blogger post editor.

4. Use of preview tool: If you are using Blogger blog, you should be using the Preview button beside Publish button on your post editor to reduce the common typos/grammatical errors in your post. Try to always spare a few minutes to see and read through the post you want to publish. I make sure that this is done before I finally publish any post or article on my blog.

In a nutshell, avoid being a lazy blogger by making sure you fulfill all righteousness before you publish your post to reduce the common typos/grammatical errors.

This is a guest post by Oluwayomi Obadina. He owns, a blog that writes on ways to make money online including high yield investment programs. You can join his facebook Internet Investment Ideas fan page.
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