Access Denied To Complete Application for FRSC Recruitment 2018? Try This

A friend saw the advert of the 2018 FRSC recruitment in a Nigerian newspaper, filled and submitted the online application form for the officer cadre position, received her username and password in her email inbox but she was unable to complete the application as required by FRSC.

Whenever she clicks on the “complete application” link when signed in to the FRSC recruitment portal, she gets redirected to an “access denied” page which displays the message : “Access denied, please Login to continue application“.


access denied frsc recruitment 2018


After trying different web browsers on her smartphone and laptop to no avail, she decided to seek for my help. After trying some recommendations in some Nairaland threads related to the frsc recruitment exercise, I was able to help her complete the application. She got her application code and was able to print out her data page from the frsc jobs portal.

The whole process is summarized below :

Login to the FRSC recruitment portal at :

UnRegister the current profile. ( Applicant login > my account > unregister). Click here to read how to unregister frsc application.

Sign out of the portal.

Click on the position you want to apply for as seen in the screenshot below :

register frsc recruitment application 2018


Complete the fresh application form using an email address and phone number that is different from the one you used for the profile you unregistered earlier. (I used a Firefox web browser on a laptop).

Once you submit the online application form, your username and password will be sent to your email address. Use the login details to sign in to the portal but ensure you change the password before doing anything else.

To change your password at the frsc portal, login to the frsc portal, click your name, click “my account”. click “manage password” and change your password from there. The default “change password”link might not work.

After changing the password, sign out and re-login to the recruitment portal.

Click on “Applications” > “My Applications” > “Complete Application”

Enter your next of kin details, education history details, upload your passport etc and complete the application.

Once completed successfully, you will be able to print out your frsc application data page.

print frsc recruitment form document for job vacancy nigeria

You will also receive an email confirmation containing your frsc recruitment application code.

That’s all.

Try it and I hope it works for you.

If it works for you, you owe me 50% of your salary if you get the job. lol :

Best of luck!

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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

Pro Nigerian Blogger, Digital Marketer and Web designer. I help business owners to grow their businesses online. You can join my Facebook Group here or join my Telegram Group here.

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  1. It sure did work for me. Thank you so much for the useful information. I have been battling with the registration for one week and some days now.
    God just used you to help me out
    Thank you once again

  2. Thanks Jide but I tried and it is now returning this message: “Sorry, you have a pending application on this portal, kindly check your E-Mail for instructions”

    What should i do now?

  3. Goodmorning mr jide.
    I tried your method and now i get the error that i have a pending application. I cant login with my former details and i cant create a new profile. What do i do please. Thanks

      • Formal account does not exist as I have already unregistered d account but yet I can’t still create new account because it is saying I already have a pending application despite inputing a new email and phone number


  4. hello. this is the message i am getting after trying your method. An error occurred while processing your request, please contact admin or try again later. please what do i do?

  5. I tried your method, unregistered the first account, changed my phone number and email qnd also the password and m still receiving the same message “access denied”, pls help m loosing hope alredy

  6. tHANKS A LOT. But after i treid this, i still got a message that says Your request cannot be processed, contact admin. Please what can i do?

  7. When trying to create an account on the first stage, its says ”problem occurred while accessing your request, please contact the admin or wait for instructions on your email” what can i do please?

    secondly, still on the first stage, i tried creating an account but its saying, ” you have a pending application on this position, please go to your application page to complete this application or wait to receive further instructions in y our email, please help…….

  8. i have been trying to register but it always tell this after filling all required information at initial stage, what can i do “An error occurred while processing your request, please contact admin or try again later.”
    i havent received any message in my mail

  9. Good afternoon, i have tried this method, i used a new email and phone number and have even re arranged my names on different browsers but getting this error message “An error occurred while processing your request, please contact admin or try again later’. what else can i do

  10. Hello pls help me I have been trying to submit my application to get d code number no way for me for d past 3 weeks pls help me out

  11. Good Morning Jide. Thanks for your prompt response. After i unregistered the account and trying to apply afresh using Mozilla Firefox. It’s saying, there is a problem processing the request, contact admin.

  12. Hi Mr Jide Good morning Sir, Please what if the problem is like this “An error occurred while processing your request, please contact admin or try again later”.
    What should i do, I’ve tried all i can but to no avail..


  13. If you received the error message “An error occurred while processing your request, please contact admin or try again later” just close your browser and leave it for that day because no matter how you try it will keep on repeating the error message. Log in in the middle of d night from 12:30am to 5:00am and see how successful it will be.

  14. @Jerry Adams, Olupinla Jumoke, and others experiencing the same issue just as Mr. Jide has told you, he is perfectly and accurately correct but don’t try it during the day most especially 9:00am to 11:59pm because the error message “that you should contact admin or try again later will continue to pop-up each time you submit” and this will be given you concern as if it’s not going through or maybe because you have pending application before, No.

    Hint: before 12th of June the timeout for the error message to pop-up was usually 9:00am in the morning but since 13th of June it has reduced to 5:00am….. That’s why I told you in my message above to try it around 12:30am through 5:00am.

    As at the time of sending this message I’m on it and nothing like try again later…

    I believe this Will help somebody….

  15. Please Mr Hide I really need your help, I’ve been trying to register a week now, but to no avail, it’s showing me an error occurred while processing your request. Please what should I do next???

  16. Hello admin, i have read through most posts here, i saw some people having same issues as myself, i just believe i can get help, how ever, i unregistered, and it was successful, though i didnt get like message to that effect, but i keep getting the message that i already have an account when i try to register, and neither can i loggin into my former account, kindly suggest to me the best action i need to take as i unregistered last week, on the 23rd june, but till now (27th june), i am facing same issues.
    Thanks already boss.

  17. please, i didnt receive any confirmation email to proceed for the application, but each time i try to put up new application , it will pop up that i already have a pending application on their portal, please what should i do ? i have tried using new emails but to no avail……….please help my situation……..MANY .thanks

  18. After Unregistering, I could not create a new application or go back to the previous application. I called the recruitment line, they say nothing can be done again, that I should not have unregistered since i got stucked at uploading passport. Thanks.

    Please, if you guys get stucked at uploading passport, just wait and keep trying. ‘DON’T UNREGISTER’

  19. morning house, please the section for uploads, are we supposed to upload only our passports? or other documents as well, because I can’t upload other documents, when I click on the drop box document type, nothing shows, I’m just confused

  20. Good morning. I’ve registered successfully but I’ve been trying to print for the past two days and the site is not coming up. Please what do I do?

  21. Hello Mr jide ,i stumbled upon ur page here and i find it it might be helpful to know if i can still get my application form ,despite the site not going ,i lost it to fire ,Thanks ..If u have any idea, tho i still no my application code

  22. after i submitted, my passport didn’t appear, so i go back and try to re-upload the passport, and when i go back to the printed page, all the details was not display, they only shows a word label. so please how do i print the copy?

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