Adblock for Opera Mini : How To Enable and Disable It

Online ads take up your phone’s limited screen space, and bloated ads with heavy tracking can slow down the browsing experience on your phone.

Opera Mini which has always been a speed-demon browser, has adblock settings that allows users to easily enable and disable ads, thereby making sure users browse the internet faster with less mobile-data usage and less distractions.

How can it be so fast? Ad blocking in Opera Mini happens on the Opera servers, before the ads even reach your phone. When ad blocking is enabled, the Opera Mini ad blocker “catches” ads as early as possible, right in the engine, when you first request a webpage. This all happens “under the hood”, so all you’ll see is how much faster webpages load. If you enable the free built-in feature to block ads on Opera Mini browser, you can probably tell that you’re surfing the internet much faster.

By also blocking ads, Opera Mini users can achieve even more data savings on top of that, so that less is deducted from a user’s mobile data allowance. That means users’ data plans can last even longer, for more news, more social media and more of the web. By blocking ads, you also block the source of many tracking cookies.

Opera mini’s ad blocker is built right into the browser. No addon installation and setup required, just turn on ad blocking in the browser settings.

opera mini adblock settings

How to enable ad blocker in Opera Mini

If you want to block ads in Opera Mini, tap the “O” menu and then “ad blocking”.

You can also tap the “O” menu, go into “data savings” and toggle “block ads” to on.

How to enable ad blocker in Opera Mini

Tap the “O” menu, go into “data savings” and toggle “block ads” to off.

That’s all.

If you don’t have Opera Mini on your smartphone, you can download opera mini now and enjoy adblocking on the go.

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  1. Opera is an excellent browser. I’ve recently tested it on an old machine and then, I install it on my phone too. Probably, it offers the best adblocker.

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