EasyRetweet : Get Mass Traffic From Twitter Using ReTweet

Imagine a platform where you can get massive unique hits a day from Twitter even if you have 20 followers. Shocked??? Well, it is possible using a platform where you set your message and decide who to retweet based on number of followers. Just imagine how much traffic you can get if James who has 60, 000 followers retweets your message via the platform.

Wondering what the platform is? Well, it is

EasyRetweet is a Retweet exchange platform with a simple goal – let you get mass targeted traffic from Twitter using ReTweet. Using EasyRetweet is optionally FREE. All you need is a FREE Twitter Account.

How Easyretweet Works
You earn credits when you retweet other members tweets. You can then spend the credits in your account for others to be able to retweet your own messages. If you do not want to retweet to earn credits, you can purchase credits on the site at very friendly prices.

You can also earn credits by following some featured members. if you invite your friends to join the site, you earn 50 credits per referral though your referrals must have 100+ followers and 30+ days. Click on the FREE CREDITS link on your profile page for more ways you can earn more credits.

How To Get Started

Go to

You will be redirected to Twitter. Enter your login details and click on “Authorize App“.

If the authroization is successful, you will be redirected to your EasyRetweet dahsboard.

On the dashboard, you will see “My RT Messages

Click the link to create and manage the messages you want other members to retweet.

NOTE: You are free to use your affiliate links, blog post, fiverr gigg etc.

Create a tweet right now. Others will retweet and you will start seeing the traffic from Twitter.


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Written by Jide Ogunsanya

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